Toppo is one of the most powerful warriors in the Tournament of Power. The leader of the Pride Trooper was not in many actions prior to "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 122. In the upcoming Episode 124, he will fight Universe 7's Gohan and Frieza. The latest spoilers indicate a new challenger to Toppo in the tournament. The episode is titled as “A Stormy, Fierce Attack! Gohan Fights with his Back to the Wall!!” It is worth mentioning that Universe Survival arc's Tournament of Power has reached its final stage and only two Universes are left the fight for the glory; Universe 7 and Universe 11.

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Episode 125 'Dragon Ball Super'

Episode 125 of the anime show is named, “God Of Destruction Toppo [VIDEO]Appears!! Pure Overwhelming Power!!.” As the title suggests, it will be a Toppo centric chapter.

If spoilers and synopsis are to be believed, Toppo will get the status of God of Destruction of Universe 11, replacing Belmond. The new status will give the Pride Trooper access to Hakai Energy and maybe the Ki of Belmond. Overall, Toppo will get stronger and it raises the question: Will he be more powerful than Jiren, who is currently the mightiest warrior in the Tournament of Power? Notably, Jiren himself wants to be the God of Destruction, which now looking less likely. According to Okatukart, Toppo is finally going to be showing his true power and probably his opponent will be Android 17 and Gohan, as Freiza is busy with Dyspo and Vegeta, Goku with Jiren.

Who is Toppo's new challenger?

Toppo might face his new challenger in Episode 126 titled, “Surpass Even a God! Vegeta’s Life-Risking Blow” The chapter is expected to air on February 17.

According to spoilers, Pride Troopers' new opponent will be Vegeta. Earlier, it was rumored that the Saiyan will only fight Jiren. But now Toppo will be the new God of Destruction and Vegeta will unlock a power, which is expected to be greater than God, as the title of episode 126 indicates. It is expected to be an intense battle. Chapter 126 will be a fate-decider part of the show as the futures of many prominent characters are in the balance.

Episode 124 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

This weekend the anime show [VIDEO] will return for episode 124. The trailer for the episode is already out. Fans might witness a shocking treason in this episode as Frieza is rumored to betray Universe 7. The warrior wants to join Universe 11 so they will use the Super Dragon Balls to resurrect him. Stay tuned for more entertainment updates and please subscribe to our DBS channel.