The countdown continues to the end of our favorite anime series, “Dragon Ball Super,” although its end will be in March, everything seems to indicate that it could be just a momentary pause. Anyway, the end of the Tournament of Power is getting closer.

Episode 125

With no time to recover from an exciting episode 124, the preview of what we could see in episode 125 of “DBS” next Saturday has arrived, images that shocked some fans and may point to potential spoilers from the episode itself. And, after watching the video, everything indicates that we will see one of the most relevant episodes of “Dragon Ball Super," which could definitively mark the outcome of the series.

The protagonist of episode 125 of “Dragon Ball Super” will definitely be Toppo, who could finally prove his true power, a power that could surpass even Jiren's own, which would be a major plot twist that could affect both the outcome of the Tournament of Power and the "Dragon Ball Super" finale.


In the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super," the God of Destruction called Toppo descends from the heavens. It seems clear, ultimately, that the main focus of episode 125 of “Dragon Ball Super” will be on the battle between Goku and Vegeta against Jiren, although the staging of Toppo's full power could radically change the expected outcome of the series.

The presence of an ultra-powerful Toppo, nothing less than an authentic God of Destruction, could lead to new events. The power of this warrior could mean the elimination of Android 17, since on the scale of power, he’s the weakest of all the remaining warriors from universe 7.

The outcome of the battle

On the other hand, the synopsis has revealed the greatest details of this fight, but it’s likely that Frieza will be in serious trouble with the leader of Universe 11, it seems that even with Golden Frieza’s power, the Evil Emperor will have to use some sort of strategy along with Android 17 to get Toppo off the platform.


Toppo certainly won't go down without a fight in this episode, and he may even take a warrior from Universe 7 down with him. In this case, it could be Android 17, something similar to what we saw with Gohan, Dyspo, and Frieza. Meanwhile, the battle between Jiren, Goku, and Vegeta will continue until eventually, Son Goku initiates the migatte no gokui again to face Jiren.

For now, that’s all the information available about the series. Stay tuned for more as the end of the Tournament of Power nears.