"Dragon Ball Super" is more anticipated than ever. In upcoming episodes, fans will witness some epic battles as Universe 7 and Universe 11 are all set to clash in the final stage of The Tournament Of Power. So far, the anime TV series is looking to focus on Jiren, who is dubbed as the most powerful warrior of the tournament. But, there is another fighter, who might shock everyone with his power and that is Toppo, the leaser of Trooper Pride of Universe 11. Toppo will be seen challenging Gohan in the upcoming episodes.


Toppo, an ultimate warrior

Toppo is expected to start his battle against Gohan and Android 17 in episode 122. The same battle is expected to stretch until episode 125 as fans will see some twists and turns during this long fight. Recently, Weekly Shonen Jump has shared the synopsis for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 123. According to ComicBook, the summary of the synopsis says “Gohan This Week: can he attack No. 17 along with the enemy?! No. 17 uses his whole body to paralyze Toppo, and orders Gohan to defeat them both.

However, Gohan hesitates and loses the chance to defeat Toppo, but…”

The summary clearly suggest that Android 17 will be in trouble in this fight. So will this be the end of 17, well, nothing can be said certainly now but the synopsis of episode 124 and 125 have not mentioned the warrior, so it means 17 will be eliminated.

Toppo will be God Of Destruction

The real trouble for Gohan is expected to start when Toppo gets the status of God Of Destruction. If Animedia's spoilers of episode 125 are to be believed, Toppo is all set to become the new God Of Destruction replacing Belmod.


It means he will get some powerful powers like KI and Hakai energy and here Universe 7 will be in huge trouble. Episode 125 of "Dragon Ball Super" is titled as “Advent of the God of Destruction, Toppo! There is Only Overwhelming Power!!.” One can clearly understand the name of the episode that it will heavily focus on Toppo. Rumors and synopsis suggest that Gohan might be eliminated in episode 125.

The "Dragon Ball Super" upcoming episode (122) will air on January 7 with the final stage of Tournament Of Power, as mentioned earlier.

The preview of the said episode is also out and it shows Jiren and Vegeta battling each other. Meanwhile, Goku is also expected to help Vegeta in this battle. On the other hand, viewers will also see Dyspo vs Frieza and Gohan/Android 17 vs Toppo in this episode. The episode 123 will release on January 13.