The recent episode of “Dragon Ball Super” has shown many exciting things, particularly about Son Goku and Vegeta vs Jiren. Of the three battles happening simultaneously in the remaining moments of the Tournament of Power, this one is truly the best. The question now is can Son Goku still fight Jiren without using his Ultra Instinct?

Battle experiences prelude to victory?

Before the second round of Goku vs Jiren, the Saiyan warrior went through three extreme battles. These fights enabled him to gain more battle experience, a trait that allows Saiyan warriors to evolve and utilize their potential to the fullest.


Without those fights, Goku wouldn't be able to hold a candle against Jiren, just like the first round of their fight.

The first fight that allowed Son Goku to evolve was with Universe 6 female Saiyan warriors Kale and Caulifla, who later fused and became Kefla. The intensity of their battle literally shook the battleground and scared other warriors into hiding. If you remember, this was the second time Goku experienced Ultra Instinct. After defeating Kefla, Goku had to rest and be protected by Androids 17 & 18 in order to recover his stamina.

The second fight that allowed Goku to reach a new milestone in his fighting career was when he fought against the three remaining warriors of Universe 2. They collected enough Love Power to create a black hole to trap Goku, Android 17 and Android 18. But Son Goku persisted and fired his Kamehameha. The attack penetrated even what was considered the strongest attack during that time. But, as the angel Whis noted, Son Goku may be raising the bar for the activation of Ultra Instinct.

The third fight was not as hard as the previous two.


This was because Goku fought alongside his teammates to defeat the giant humanoid Anilaza. The remaining Universe 7 warriors were able to beat Universe 3 because of Android 17’s keen observation and bravery.

Has Son Goku become acclimatized to Jiren’s attacks?

If you have noticed, Son Goku can now block most of Jiren’s attacks without having to use Ultra Instinct at all. He can now land a decent hit against the strongest warrior of Universe 11. He may not be able to deal any significant damage but Jiren is slowly noticing that the attacks are becoming sharper as time goes by, especially the ones dealt when Goku teamed up with Vegeta.

Now, it seems that all the previous battles gave Goku the power to go toe to toe against the strongest opponent in the Tournament of Power. Will his battle experience be enough to deal at least a single scratch against Jiren, or will he still need his Ultra Instinct to do so?