The 47th episode about the Tournament of Power recently aired. Episode 123 of "Dragon Ball Super" filled me with excitement when I got to see that Goku had a second round against Jiren. The Saiyan was trying his best to defeat the warrior from Universe 11 and was far superior to Goku, who couldn’t keep up with him.

The combat against Jiren

In the previous episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” we saw how the Saiyan Prince had a tough battle against Jiren, who left him on the verge of death and totally defeated. Definitively that is something we have to admire, a fighter who was trying his best against “The Gray.” However, Vegeta stood up for a new combat because of his pride. Also, he kept in his mind the promise he made to Kyabbe.


He managed to break his shell by releasing a new power for the Super Saiyan Blue, resulting in a transformation to the Super Saiyan Blue 2.

Today I'm here to think a little about what is the limit of Vegeta's power? Since, as we have seen, the Saiyan Prince constantly outdoes himself. This is a very important factor in his pride as a Saiyan. Since this is the motivation to move forward and not lose to anyone, Jiren might be an extremely powerful and almost an invincible warrior. But this isn’t reason enough for our Prince Vegeta to surrender at any cost.

Is the power of Vegeta unlimited?

During the Tournament of Power, I have realized one thing, Vegeta is constantly outdoing himself in order to not be defeated.


Even when he is defeated, the prince always learns from his mistakes and when he recovers, he becomes a much more powerful warrior. This situation makes me wonder what is the limit of Vegeta's power?

First of all, Vegeta’s power is not unlimited, it clearly has a limit. However, that limit is set by him and for now, he’s not even close to reaching it. After every fight, he brings out the best in try not to be defeated and at the same time becoming more powerful.

Vegeta is a very proud warrior with a great sense of competitiveness. He’s very far from reaching his limit, and this is why the Saiyan Prince becomes stronger and attains new levels of power.

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For now, that’s all the information I have about this series. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available, and tune in to the next episode of the popular anime series "Dragon Ball Super" to find out what will happen next in the Tournament of Power.