"Dragon Ball Super" is one of the most famous anime shows in the world. The TV series is leaving no stone unturned regarding the twists in the Universe Survival arc. A new set of spoilers have indicated the episode, which will feature Vegeta vs. Toppo fight. We already know Tournament Of Power has reached its final stage as only Universe 7 and Universe 11 left for battle.

Both the teams are giving their best to win the tournament. The battle between U7 and U11 was started in Episode 122, "For One's Own Pride! Vegeta's Challenge to Be The Strongest!!".

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Since the beginning of this much-anticipated battle, nothing decisive has happened.

The past episodes of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Before coming to Vegeta vs. Toppo let's see what has happened in the past couple of episodes.

Chapter 122 has officially marked the beginning of the final stage of Tournament Of Power [VIDEO]. We have seen Vegeta and Goku teaming up against Jiren, the strongest warrior in the tournament. On the other hand, Frieza has fought Dyspo in the same episode. In this part of the show, fans have witnessed Vegeta punching Jiren a couple of time and analyzing his every move while he was battling Goku.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 123 was aired on this weekend. Notably, this episode was also Vegeta centric. The warrior has reached the new level of his Ultra Instinct. Goku was also the highlight of the Episode, who has shown great tactics to trouble Jiren by Planting Ki around the fighting arena.

On the other hand, in the same episode, we have seen quite less from Dyspo and Frieza vs Android 17.

Notably, by looking at the past episodes and considering the spoilers regarding the upcoming characters, we can say they Vegeta's is up to play a huge role in the Tournament Of Power.

Episode 126, a fate decider

Coming back to Vegeta vs Toppo, the Warriors are expected to see fighting in Episode 126, which is titled as "Surpassing even the Gods! Vegeta’s Life-Threatening Move!" Judging the title one can easily say it will heavily focus on Vegeta. Notably, the name of the episode is talking about Vegeta getting powerful than the God or God Of Destruction, which means he will fight Toppo.

Interestingly Episode 125 is titled as "God of Destruction Toppo! Pure Overwhelming Power!" Here we are talking about Toppo will be the new God of Destruction [VIDEO] replacing Belmond. So, Episode 126 of "Dragon Ball Super" is perfectly poised to feature a battle between Toppo and Vegeta.