Over the weekend, “Dragon Ball Super” aired Episode 123 and the fandom went crazy. It showcased Vegeta’s new form and the epic rematch between Son Goku and Jiren the Gray. On the sides, Freiza was shown beaten by Dyspo who showed an impressive performance. While son Goku almost eliminated the strongest Pride Trooper in the Tournament of Power when he sent him out of the arena, fans were also interested in his son Gohan. The fandom wants to know if Goku’s son is going to unleash a new power level in the hotly contested tournament.

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While the expectation on Gohan getting a new form is high, an anime blogger believes that no such thing is going to take place.

Near Infinite Potential

Gohan has been away from the spotlight for several episodes.

His latest epic fight was when he teamed up with other fighters from Universe 7 and beat Anilaza. In the most recent episode, he was shown fighting against the team leader of the Pride Troopers, Toppo. While he was working hard together with Android 17 [VIDEO] to beat the skilled fighter from Universe 11, it appears that Toppo is more than meets the eye. Given that he is the candidate that is expected to replace Vermouth when he retires as a god of destruction, the Pride Trooper could have an unbelievable power similar to that of a god.

Because of this, fans are expecting that like his fellow Saiyans, his fight with Toppo could trigger him to unleash a new powerful form. Interestingly, an anime blogger named Suzail Ahmed believes that this is not going to happen. The blogger claims that unlike Vegeta and Son Goku, Gohan has already broken through his limits.

The blogger adds that like Broly, he has the ability to access near infinite potential to increase his strength over time. Moreover, the blogger believes that what Gohan needs is more training in order to increase his power at a faster rate.

Other details

Meanwhile, several spoilers for Episode 124 reveal that Gohan will be fighting against Dyspo. It can be recalled that in Episode 123, Freiza is shown using a throwback technique of holding the rocks in his hand, similar to the technique he used when he fought against Son Goku at Planet Namek [VIDEO]. It is possible that Dyspo could have run away and switched enemies. This happened in the previous episode when he was almost eliminated by the Legendary Assassin Hit.

Episode 124 of “Dragon Ball Super” could potentially contain another twist that will make the story more interesting. The episode is slated to air on January 21 and will showcase the continuation of the fight between Son Goku, Vegeta, and Jiren the Gray.