The most recent news keeps coming in about the latest "Dragon Ball Super" episodes. This time, through the already well-known Weekly Shonen Jump, the synopsis of the upcoming Episode 126, to be released on Sunday, February 4, is here.

With only six minutes to go before the Tournament of Power comes to an end, Goku and Vegeta continue fighting against Jiren, but their attacks are still ineffective. On the other hand, Frieza has started to work with Android 17 to fight against Toppo, who has also shown his true power.

The preview

Vegeta challenges the God Of Destruction, Toppo. Toppo, who had been cornered, shows the true power of a candidate for God of Destruction!.Jiren joins in the attack, but Vegeta also confronts him with impressive continuous attacks with all his power.


On the other hand, Android 17 uses rocks as a means of attack, while Frieza uses his psychic abilities in order to try to defeat Toppo. However, in a counterattack by Toppo they get knocked down.

Although the title of this next episode was released through Animage a few weeks ago, no information had been provided on this matter until now. In this synopsis, many new details are released, the most important one is that Vegeta will face Jiren, but just like Toppo, has shown the true power that has made him worthy of being the next God of Destruction of Universe 11. Despite being at a disadvantage, the Saiyan Prince shows no weakness and will give everything in this fight.

Nothing is mentioned about Goku, but I must assume that he's also aware of this fight or planning something, perhaps how to attain the Ultra Instinct again, something that is expected.


On the other hand, Android 17, who until now has been one of the most fundamental members of Universe 7, has started to show certain complications when facing Toppo. This, despite teaming up with Frieza, who likewise will be troubled by the power of the warrior of Universe 11. Is it possible to think that we are seeing the last moments of both in action?

Episode 125

I want to remind you that Episode 125 will be premiered on January 28, and the protagonist will be the leader of the Pride Troopers of Universe 11, Toppo, who’ll show his maximum power, transforming himself into a God of Destruction, mastering the “Hakai” energy.

So far this has been all the information that I know about regarding the "Dragon Ball" world.


If there is more, I will be communicating as soon as possible.