Last Wednesday, through the well-known magazine Animage [VIDEO], the episode titles, and synopsis of the next episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" that will be broadcast this month were released. Today, finally, to complement this information, Animage has released new summaries of these episodes and here we have all the information about it.

After many hard battles, only two universes remain. There are only 7 minutes left until the Tournament of Power [VIDEO]comes to an end.

Can the warriors of Universe 7 defeat their opponents from Universe 11?

Episode 123

Goku begins a fight against Jiren again. Although Goku uses every trick up his sleeve, Jiren withstands all attacks.


Goku launches Kienzan Cluster Bombs in all directions but this also has little effect. That's when Vegeta unleashes all his Ki and begins to shine in blue.

Episode 124

While Goku and Vegeta face Jiren, Frieza proposes something to his opponent Dyspo. He tells him: "If the 11th Universe wins, please use the Super Dragon Balls to resuscitate me. Promise me this and I will have no problems cooperating with the 11th Universe. "

Episode 125

The information for this episode is not yet available, but it is revealed that Toppo will show his maximum power. This is because he will experience a moment of tension before Android 17 and Gohan, who will be about to eliminate him. However, the leader of the Pride Troopers is saved and decides to fight with all his strength.

Episode 126

Episode 126 also does not have an extended synopsis, but they have revealed the official title of the episode, and it mentions that Vegeta will surpass the gods and risk his life.


We do not know what this is referring to, but it is believed that in this episode Vegeta could, in fact, master Ultra Instinct for a few moments. Still, this is speculative, so we cannot ensure that such an event actually happens.

Much of this new information coincides with what was revealed a few weeks ago by Animage, along with the title of Episode 126. Although a summary was not released on the matter, everything indicates that the protagonist of this will be Vegeta, who, after being defeated by Jiren, tries to go beyond the power of Super Saiyan Blue.

On the other hand, the most revealing thing is the fact that Frieza once again may try to betray Universe 7, something that probably has to do with the recently seen clip where he did not bother to counter-attack Dyspo's attacks. It will be interesting to see how this ends, and if the warrior from Universe 11 accepts the proposal of the Emperor of Evil.