With the "Dragon Ball Super" end getting closer, the preview that shows the most expected comeback was released a few moments ago. It’s worth noting that this summary is provisional, so it’s not 100% confirmed yet. However, knowing that these last episodes will be the final ones, the summary makes sense and it’s really surprising since an unexpected character will arrive at the end of the tournament. Here is the summary of episode 127.

Official summary

Goku tries to eliminate Jiren by helping himself with the Ultra Instinct.

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But, Jiren knows that the Full Power Ultra Instinct [VIDEO] will put him in trouble. The warrior from Universe 11 knows that if Goku completes the transformation and masters it, it would be a problem, so he will try to eliminate him.

However, Android 17 will try to protect Goku while he completes the Ultra Instinct transformation.

Finally, Ultra Instinct returns to the Tournament of Power [VIDEO] and this time to its maximum capacity, since Goku should use his maximum power in this form in order to face Jiren, who knows that he cannot be overconfident against the Migatte no Gokui since this form is capable of defeating him, although, he is still more powerful because of the great defensive capacity that he has, and the attributes that Goku adopts when he uses this unique fighting style.

The big surprise

The surprising thing about this preview, besides the return of Ultra Instinct, is that if Vegeta gets eliminated in the next episode, Android 17 would reach the end of the tournament with Goku and he’d even help him to perfect the Migatte no Gokui, giving him enough time by facing Jiren.

If this preview is confirmed, Android 17 won’t be eliminated by Toppo in episode 126, and, actually, the series brings surprises with each new episode, because the preview of episode 126 gave the impression that the end of Android 17 would come very soon.

Lastly, the biggest surprise lies in the full power that Goku will attain, confirming the appearance that was shown to us in the first promotional designs of this transformation. Besides this, Goku will attain this form thanks to Vegeta’s sacrifice that we will see in the next episode. After this, the last 3 warriors of the tournament will be Goku, Android 17, and Jiren. Of course, there is also Frieza, but he’s out of commission.

So far this has been the latest news from the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, we'll be communicating it as soon as possible.