Episode 122 of “Dragon Ball Super” aired last weekend and it was explosive. Fans are ecstatic about getting to see the Prince of All Saiyans fight Jiren the Gray for the first time in the Tournament of Power. Since the episode aired, there are only eight minutes remaining until the winning universe is declared and the defeated will be totally erased. Based on the latest episode, fans already know the matchups in the succeeding episodes of the anime series. Son Goku and Vegeta will be fighting against Jiren, Gohan and Android 17, and Freiza will face Dyspo. However, a new set of spoilers recently surfaced online revealing that the supervillain is up to something once again.


Latest spoilers

A new set of spoilers for the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” was recently leaked online. On Twitter, anime content creator and translator, Herms, shared the translated version of Episode 124’s spoilers. Based on the translation, the supervillain from Hell is up to something. It is revealed that Frieza is trying to cut a deal with Dyspo. He proposes that he will work with Universe 11 to defeat Universe 7 in the hotly contested tournament.

The cunning fighter

Even before the Tournament of Power started, Frieza has thought about his 24-hour revival and how to make the most out of it.

Being in Hell for so long gives him the luxury of thinking things over. In the past episode, the supervillain even tried to make a deal with the God of Destruction of another universe just to be revived. The fandom knows the character as a cunning fighter who would always trick his opponent in order to get what he wanted. He did this to Frost from Universe 6 in the previous episode. He made a deal with the equally cunning fighter and made him believe that he was really into it. It turned out, however, that he tricked Frost who was later erased by the Omni-King for violating the tournament’s rules.


Other details

While the “Dragon Ball Super” spoilers reveal that the supervillain from Hell is trying to cut a deal with Dyspo, it is also possible that he was just playing a trick with his opponent in order to easily eliminate him from the competition. He did it to Frost, he can undoubtedly do it again to Dyspo. However, Dyspo is also a smart fighter and there is a great chance that he will not take the offer. Universe 11 believes in and even reveres the power and strength of Jiren the Gray. With that confidence, every single fighter and even the God and Angel of Destruction believes that Jiren can single-handedly eliminate all the remaining fighters in the arena.