"Dragon Ball Super" is slowly heading to its end with each passing episode. Fans will soon get to know the winner of the tournament of Power as the series will end on March 25. The tournament is currently featuring an epic battle between Universe 7 and Universe 11. Both teams are doing everything to beat its opponent. Notably, U11 [VIDEO] has two warriors left, while U7 has four. In spite of this, the Pride Troopers are the favorites to win the tournament. Jiren is the biggest reason why U11 is considered that favorite.

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The warrior has been brilliant throughout the tournament. Jiren, who is dubbed as the most powerful in the tournament has been battling the duo of Vegeta and Goku since Episode 122 and hasn't shown many weaknesses against the Saiyan.

The biggest question now arising is who will eliminate or fight next with Jiren?

The new warrior

A theory and few synopsis have indicated that the Pride Trooper will face Gogeta in the upcoming episode. For those who don't know, Gogeta is the fusion of Vegeta and Goku. The warrior is dubbed as insanely powerful and the one who could make Jiren struggle or even defeat him in the battle as it is a mix of power between Goku and Vegeta. Vegito [VIDEO] is formed when Goku and Vegeta both wear the Potara Fusion earrings on either side of their ear before the fusion, a Quora user explains, and Gogeta is the Fusion Dance counterpart. This is perhaps the most mouth-watering fixture "Dragon Ball Super" fans could ever ask in the finale of the Tournament.

Episode 126 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

The episode is titled "Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Life-Risking Blow" As the name itself suggests, it will be Vegeta centric episode.

The warrior will unlock a new level of his power during the battle with Toppo. The reports further suggest that the Saiyan will battle Toppo, the new God Of Destruction. In the process of defending himself, Universe 7 warrior will take a risky blow with his new strength that will surpass Super Saiyan Blue. Frieza could be eliminated in the episode. It is worth mentioning that in the past episode 125 ("With Imposing Presence! God of Destruction Toppo Descends!!") Toppo was almost defeated by Frieza and Android 17 until he gots back up using the same type of energy as a God of Destruction.

Meanwhile, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 127's title has been recently surfaced online, named as "The Final Barrier of Hope." In this part of the show, fans might witness Android 17 in full action against Jiren and Toppo. Stay tuned for more.