"Dragon Ball Super" is getting better and better with each episode. God Of Destruction is a title every warrior in the "Dragon Ball Super" wants to get. The upcoming episodes of the anime show are set to come with new God of Destruction. A number of warriors are rumored to get this status. Here I reveal that the Universe 11 fighter who might be the new God of Destruction is Toppo. The warrior is all set to replace Belmond in this respected position. It will be interesting to see what future holds for Belmond in the show and will his Ki absorb into Toppo?

After getting the status, Toppo is expected to be more powerful than Jiren, who is currently the most powerful warrior in the Tournament Of Power.


The new change might also mark the beginning of a dispute inside Universe 11 as Jiren will see himself as inferior to Toppo and he might question the choice to award Toppo the new God of Destruction. According to ComicBook, depending on Toppo's new agenda and vision as a cosmic Destroyer, Jiren could have a major disagreement to settle.

This is also not good news to Universe 7 in the Tournament Of Power. The rumors and speculations already suggest the Goku's team is weaker than Universe 11 in the upcoming episodes.

Toppo becoming the God of Destruction will make things even worse for Universe 7 as he is all set to fight Gohan in the Tournament. The next episode (122) of the "Dragon Ball Super" will air on January 7, which is named as “Staking His Pride! Vegeta challenges the Strongest!!.”

The episode will mark the beginning of the final stage of the Tournament of Power. Chapter 122 will feature a battle between Universe 7 and Universe 11. They are the only remaining teams in the tournament. Fans will witness Goku/Vegeta battling Jiren.


Notably, The preview of episode 122 shows Vegeta kicking Jiren. On the other hand, Frieza will rival Dyspo and Android 17/Gohan will go head-to-head with Toppo.

Episode 123 of 'Dragon Ball Super" will be a full of action, where viewers will see Vegeta and Goku forming Ultra Instinct against Jiren. Fans will see some of these fights stretching until episode 125. When it comes to Toppo vs Gohan, the battle might be decided in episode 125 titled the "Advent of the God of Destruction, Toppo! There is only overwhelming power!!" According to Otakukart, in 'Dragon Ball Super" episode 125, Toppo will finally start taking things seriously. Nothing else is known so far regarding this battle.