Episode 125 of “Dragon Ball Super” showcased the ascension of Toppo to the god of destruction level. The highlight of this episode is one of the highly anticipated portions since it was leaked to the fandom. For one, it is the first time ever in the history of the popular anime series that an ordinary mortal reaches this level of power. In addition, it is the final phase of the Tournament of Power. This means that one fighter’s success might be another universe’s defeat.

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Interestingly, the latest episode not only showed Toppo’s ascension to power, but also its weakness.

Hakai has weakness

The latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super” left most of the fans craving more.

With only six minutes remaining until the end of the Tournament of Power, every decision and every transformation in the arena of the World of the Void is synonymous to the survival of each fighter’s respective universe. The team leader of the Pride Troopers unleashed his final and powerful form [VIDEO] in the latest episode of the popular anime series. While many fans anticipated that Toppo would go all out, his powerful form was a surprise to the fandom. His latest form was so powerful that his opponents’ attacks just pass through his body and evaporates into the arena.

The supervillain from hell, with his clever and deceitful ways, was no match for the Pride Trooper’s team leader. While Frieza also has the capability to destroy planets, Toppo’s power was way beyond his that it left him overpowered by the end of the episode.

Even Beerus, Universe 7’s god of destruction was surprised by Toppo’s transformation. Interestingly, the powerful god saw something in the Pride Trooper’s action that underlined its weakness despite its overwhelming power.

In one of the scenes in Episode 125, Beerus discovered that Toppo’s hakai power has a weakness. According to the god, the hakai that is used by Toppo needs time to charge before he can use it [VIDEO]. This weakness is essential in the tournament since every second is crucial. If only the fighters in the arena realized it, it is possible that they can attack Universe 11’s Pride Trooper at this margin of time for their attacks to connect and to be effective.

Other details

Meanwhile, it is surprising to see Toppo in his new form. The team leader of the Pride Troopers is cloaked in a purple-ish aura. His eyes are purple blazing and his clothes tattered. Fans will see more action from Toppo in Episode 126 of “Dragon Ball Super.” It is titled "Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Life-Risking Blow!!" Vegeta attacks Toppo."