Dragon Ball Super” fans were ecstatic last weekend when Episode 123 officially aired. Among the most anticipated part of the episode is Vegeta getting his new limit-breaking form. Since the start of the Tournament of Power, fans of the Prince of All Saiyans were expecting that their favorite character, like Son Goku, would also get a new form. With his new and powerful form, Vegeta fought valiantly against Jiren the Gray in the most recent episode. However, the strongest Pride Trooper is yet to unleash his full power.

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Still shrouded in mystery, fans are still digging on the fighter’s past and his real intention in the tournament. Interestingly, a new theory came out recently claiming to have discovered the Pride Trooper’s wish to the Super Dragon Ball should he win the tournament.

Utmost wish

In the previous episodes of “Dragon Ball Super,” fans saw Jiren the Gray finally engaging with other fighters in the Tournament of Power when Vermouth gave him the GO signal. Universe 11’s god of destruction also reminded him of his wish. Toppo, the team leader of the Pride Troopers also repeated [VIDEO]the same reminder to Jiren. Fans were intrigued by the wish that many came out with their own speculations and theories.

One of the anime bloggers named Wamiq Fida shared his theory about Jiren’s wish to the Super Dragon Balls should he win in the competition. The blogger believes that the strongest Pride Trooper will wish for the destruction of the Cosmic Order. He claims that this wish could have rooted in the fact that Zeno could do whatever he wants to any universe any time.

Even the gods of destruction can be destroyed if Zeno wants it demolished. In the recent episodes, fans saw that when a universe is erased, only the angel of destruction is spared. Fida predicts that because of this, Jiren might want to wish for the total downfall of the angels, the Grand Priest, and the Zenos.

Other details

Although the blogger’s theory is very possible, it failed to take into consideration other things. While Jiren could have wished for the destruction of the angels and the Zenos, Jiren is a Pride Trooper [VIDEO] who restores order and justice to his universe. It could be a total irony of his previous role if he would wish for the destruction of the Cosmic Order that has been observed since time immemorial.

Meanwhile, Episode 124 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on January 20. It will showcase the continuation of the fight between Son Goku and Vegeta against Jiren the Gray.