The latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super” has raised the intensity of the Tournament of Power. Fans witnessed the Toppo’s ultimate power as a candidate for the god of destruction in Universe 11. Vegeta and Son Goku are also going all out with their powers as they fight the strongest Pride Trooper—Jiren the Gray. With Gohan’s elimination from the tournament, Universe 7 is only left with Son Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and Android 17 while Universe 11 is only left with Toppo and Jiren.

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The latest episode revealed Android 17’s plan, which could be essential in Universe 7’s fate in the tournament.

Key plan to victory

Over the weekend, “Dragon Ball Super” aired its 126th episode that left fans wanting.

As the popular anime series revealed Toppo’s god of destruction power, the team also underlined his strength as a candidate for the god of destruction. Despite the skills and powers of Android 17 and the supervillain from hell Frieza, the team leader of the Pride Troopers single-handedly beat them. Interestingly, there are several scenes in the previous episode of the anime series that revealed 17’s plan.

When Toppo threw Frieza out of the arena, Android 17 tossed a rock at him and reasoned that his hands slipped. While to some fans this is just a gag to lighten the mood of the episode, it is possible that there is more to this act than mere humor. Android 17 is a brilliant fighter. All throughout the tournament [VIDEO], he was shown to be very calculative and has plans for the survival of Universe 7.

His twin Android 18 exposed one of his strategies in winning the tournament in Episode 124. According to her, because they have infinite stamina, the idea is to tire the opponent until time runs out.

This might also apply to her twin’s move in the most recent episode. 17 might be thinking that if he could hide the unconscious Frieza from their opponent until the time runs out, they can win the Tournament of Power [VIDEO]in terms of the number of fighters in the arena. It is worth noting that Universe 11 has only a couple of fighters remaining and there are only five minutes remaining until the tournament ends. So far, Vegeta and Son Goku are still in their fighting forms, and 17 can keep on running away from Toppo until the time runs out.

Other details

Fans are hoping that this theory will be proven true in the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super.” This could be Universe 7’s key to ensuring their victory in the hotly contested Tournament of Power.