The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” is fast approaching its culmination. In fact, after Episode 123, there are only seven minutes remaining until the winning universe is declared. The fandom is ecstatic as interesting things are happening in their favorite anime series. Just recently, a new set of spoilers for Episodes 124 and 125 were shared online and it appears that another twist in the plot is going to happen. The fandom, it seems is set to witness another exciting surprise as the team behind the popular anime series prepares another mind-blowing kink in the story of the anime.

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Latest Spoilers

On Twitter, anime content creator and translator Herms shared the latest translations of the spoilers of “Dragon Ball Super” for its Episodes 124 and 125.

On January 21, fans will witness Gohan fight for the survival of Universe 7 as he holds his ground against the Team Leader of the Pride Troopers—Toppo [VIDEO].

According to Herms’ translation, the episode will be titled, “ A Stormy, Fierce Attack, Gohan Fights With His Back On The Wall.” The spoilers reveal that both Son Goku and Vegeta will continue landing their fierce attacks on Jiren the Gray. On the other hand, the strongest Pride Trooper will fight back harder. From the spoilers, it seems that Jiren is going to showcase some of his power in the upcoming episode. Meanwhile, Gohan will be in danger as he continues his fight against Toppo.

New ascension to power

During the Tournament of Power, many fighters were able to unleash their new forms or have ascended to higher power levels. This includes Son Goku, who was able to break through his limits and unleashed the Ultra-Instinct Omen.

Vegeta, along with Cabba, Kaulifla, and Kale were also able to reach their new forms. Episode 125 of the popular anime series will show Toppo ascend to the level of the god of destruction. From the spoilers, it was revealed that Frieza and Android 17 have already cornered the team leader of the Pride Trooper. However, something strange happened to him. It was hinted at, that the upcoming episode would be titled, “Majestic, Advent of the god of destruction Toppo.”

Since the start of the Tournament of Power, there have been many speculations claiming that Toppo is the next candidate who will replace Vermouth [VIDEO]should he decide to retire as the god of destruction of Universe 11. It appears, however, that the team leader, in his desire to preserve his universe from total annihilation has ascended to one of the most coveted titles in the multiverse—god of destruction.

Meanwhile, fans are expecting more surprises as the tournament nears its end. The next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is slated to air on January 21.