Episode 125 of “Dragon Ball Super” was breathtaking and surprising at the same time. Aside from Jiren the Gray, who is already known as the strongest fighter, Toppo stole the spotlight as he ascended into god of destruction level. The team leader of the Pride Troopers proved to everybody that when necessity calls, he could let out his hidden power. After brutally beating the supervillain from hell, he is about to take down the fighter from Universe 7 with infinite stamina—Android 17.

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Interestingly, the upcoming episode of the popular anime series reveals that Vegeta will enter the fray and try his luck against Toppo. However, the catch is that he is going to put his life in danger.

Latest episode preview

Right after the official airing of Episode 125 of “Dragon Ball Super,” a new extended preview for its upcoming episode was released. Most fans were surprised to hear Son Goku’s voice in the background, calling out Vegeta for putting his life in danger. As seen in the video, Toppo manhandles Android 17 [VIDEO], and was seen flying unconsciously across the arena. It is not confirmed yet if he goes out of the arena or he remained as one of the surviving fighters in the Tournament of Power. The preview also shows the Prince of All Saiyans looking from afar and he appears to be on the attack against Toppo.

The team leader of the Pride Troopers unleashes his Hakai Ball. It appears to contain an unbelievable power with electrifying lightning shrouding it.

In some of the scenes, Toppo is seen hurling massive energy at Vegeta. Also, a scene shows Toppo using his clenched fists and hitting the unconscious Vegeta on his stomach. The most shocking scene is when Toppo is shown releasing his massive Ki while the Prince of All Saiyans is enveloped with it.

Other details

While it is not yet confirmed if Vegeta is going to survive this fight, many fans believe that the Saiyan will be able to withstand Toppo. Episode 126 is titled "Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Life-Risking Blow!!" Vegeta attacks Toppo. The title simply implies that the Prince of All Saiyans [VIDEO] will be able to survive his opponent and even surpass it. The next episode of the popular anime series is scheduled to air on February 4. Fans are expecting that exciting battles are going to be shown soon. There are only five minutes remaining until the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” ends. Meanwhile, you can check out the latest episode preview of the upcoming episode below, enjoy.