A few hours ago, the provisional titles of the episodes 126 and 127 of "Dragon Ball Super" were revealed. These titles are provisional, which means that they can have modifications until their premiere. However, they’re official, so we have to take them into account. Below we reveal these titles.

Episode 126

The title of episode 126 has the Saiyan Prince Vegeta as the main character. This title states that Vegeta will make a furious attack that could even kill him. The provisional title revealed is this: “Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Life-Risking Blow!”

Everything indicates that Vegeta will fight with Goku against Jiren until a certain time since Toppo’s increase of power will be a major problem for Universe 7.


After this, and because Frieza and Android 17 are in serious trouble, Vegeta will help them to fight the incredible power of Toppo, the God Of Destruction.

Episode 127

On the other hand, episode 127 will be focused on Android 17, since its title is the following: “The Final Barrier of Hope.” This title emphasizes the word "barrier,” which leads us to believe that Android 17 will create a final barrier of infinite energy like the ones he's created throughout the tournament. His idea is to confine Toppo in one of these barriers in order to be thrown off the platform along with him. However, this is speculative, and we don’t know if he’ll use this strategy that has failed in the past.

Titles denied

A few days ago, the summaries of episodes 126 to 131 were revealed, which contained all the episodes until the end of “Dragon Ball Super.” But, these new provisional titles go against the already revealed information.


However, episode 127 mentioned that Frieza, after seeing Android 17’s death, would seek redemption since this character was the one who never judged him. The information revealed today also states that Android 17 will make his final attack, so both titles match very well with one another. Nevertheless, the summaries of episodes 126 to 131 were never confirmed.

So far this has been the latest news referring to the "Dragon Ball Super" world. If there is more news, we will be communicating it as soon as possible.

We leave a preview of episode 125, in which Toppo will showcase maximum power as a candidate for the God of Destruction. This episode will premiere on January 28 and you can see it on pages like Crunchyroll.


For more information, stay tuned for all things "Dragon Ball Super."