"Dragon Ball Super" is an immensely popular anime series all over the world. Recently, reports confirmed that DBS' Tournament Of Power is ending on March 25. It was absolution a devastating new for the show's fans. But it seems like makers have already decided to bring new "Dragon Ball Super" to makes the fans happy.

The movie [VIDEO] was officially confirmed during the Jump Festa event. The event has unveiled the movie, and it will release sometime in 2018.

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Notably, the story of the film is already finished. The film will honor franchise's latest anniversary. It is absolutely a treat for the fans, who were disappointed with the ending of Universe Survival arc.

The film will be franchise's 20th installation.

Talking about the story of the "Dragon Ball Super" film, it will focus on the history of Saiyan and fans will witness a new set of characters. Nothing else is known about the script, but surely fans can expect a lot of action. It is worth noting that Akira Toriyama has framed the script and the characters of the upcoming movie. The last movie of the series debuted in 2015 named as "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F." The film will also focus on Yamoshi, the name of the original Super Saiyan God. Movie's title and the trailer is yet to release.

Ending of DBS Tournament Of Power

Most of the fans might already know that the Universe Survival arc will end on March 15. Tournament Of Power is already reached to its final stage as only Universe 7 and 11 are left.

The series is turned out to be an absolute success for the makers and gained the praise from the fans as well as from the critics. Notably, no chapter will release on February 25 and March 11 due to the Marathons in Japan. Here is the new schedule for the upcoming episodes, which suggest only eight episodes are remaining.

Upcoming episode

Episode 124 of the "Dragon Ball Super" will focus on Gohan's battle with Dyspo alongside with Frieza. Goku and Vegeta will also be in action against Jiren. Fans will see a lot of action as Gohan will go all out against Dyspo. Chapter 125, “Advent of the God Of Destruction, Toppo! There is Only Overwhelming Power!!.” will be Toppo centric. The Pride Trooper leader will be the new God Of Destruction. Meanwhile, Episode is the most important one as Vegeta will be seen in his full power, It will be called "Surpass Even a God! Vegeta’s Life-Risking Blow!!" The episode will decide the fates of many characters. Please subscribe our DBS [VIDEO]channel for more updates, stay tuned.