The great moment of Vegeta has arrived, since, in episode 123 of "Dragon Ball Super," the prince of the Saiyajins acquired a new transformation, leaving behind the basic power of the Super Saiyan God Blue. After this, Vegeta, alongside Goku, cornered Jiren with their extraordinary attacks.

However, and despite the great excitement felt by all the fans to see the new transformation of Vegeta, many still do not understand how this character managed to master this state. For this reason, we have decided to carry out an exhaustive analysis which will reveal the reason why Vegeta obtained this new form, as well as how powerful it is.

How he obtained this transformation

The new power obtained by Vegeta is related to his strongest feelings, which were exposed due to Vegeta’s strong desire to obtain the Super Dragon Balls in order to be able to resurrect Universe 6 for Cabba, along with preserving the lives of his family.


However, the latter was not mentioned in episode 123.

In the past, Vegeta mentioned that, due to the strong sentimental bond that Goku has with his friends and family, an unknown and inexplicable power sprang from his heart. This unknown power that sprouts is something that Vegeta experienced, because the Prince, after his fight with Majin Buu, accepted his feelings for his family, opening himself to an internal world of feelings and emotions which he had refused to let enter in the past, since he had nothing to push him to that place.

The new power of Vegeta

We believe that the power of Vegeta's new transformation is very similar to that of Goku with the Super Saiyan Blue to the maximum with Kaioken increased 20 times.


However, Vegeta's power is more effective, since it does not have as much energy waste as Goku’s has when using the Kaioken. This is because the Kaioken is a technique that gives you great power temporarily, in exchange for taking all your energy and deteriorating your muscles.

After this, it is logical to think that the new transformation of Vegeta, in a real battle against Goku, would come out victorious. However, we believe that it would not stand up to Ultra Instinct because it has qualities that would tip the balance too much in combat.

At the moment this has been the latest information about the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, we will be communicating it as quickly as possible.


Episode 124 will be released on January 20th. Here is a preview of the episode: