The excitement is rising as the scheduled airing of the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is fast approaching. Right now, several images are making rounds online teasing several scenes that will take place on the upcoming show. In the previous episode, fans witnessed how Universe 7 worked as a team and defeated the equally strong and powerful opponent known as Anilaza. It appears, however, that things are going up to another notch as shown in the leaked images. Different fans of the popular anime series are now sharing their own speculations as to what this leaked image might mean.

Leaked images

Several hours ago, a Twitter account named DBSuper2015 shared a new set of images [VIDEO] revealing some of the scenes for Episode 122 of “Dragon Ball Super.” As you can see below, all four images reveal one central idea.


The spectators in the bleachers’ seat of the world of void all wear surprise expressions on their faces. This includes the eliminated fighters from Universe 7, the Kaioshins from other universes, and even the gods of destruction. Fans are speculating the reason behind those expressions, and some have amazing theories.

There are fans who claim that the expression shown on the face of Vermouth reveals his shock as Jiren is slowly being beaten up by the Prince of All Saiyans, Vegeta. Others believe that Vegeta [VIDEO]destroys the bleachers’ seat with his powerful Final Flash. It is also possible that the Grand Priest Daishinkan has made an announcement that probably surprised them.

What could the announcement be about?

With the way the Omni-Kings are depicted in the popular anime series, many fans believe that a new rule has been announced.


It is also possible that the god of all has decided to change the rule of the Tournament leaving everybody in total amazement. Could the leaked images support the previous theories claiming that a terrible thing might happen in the Tournament of Power?

Bleachers’ seat

Aside from the surprised look on the faces of the spectators, it is also very noticeable that the kaioshins and the gods of destruction of other universes are either seated on the camp of Universe 7 or Universe 11. Most likely, Vegeta’s powerful Final Flash was fired to Jiren the Gray, and the strongest Pride Trooper dodged it. This will result in the power being directed to the bleachers’ seat destroying some of its portions and changing the seating arrangements of the remaining universes.

Episode 122 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on January 6. It will contain the final phase of the tournament of Power, with Universe 7 fighting for their survival.