A number of theories, rumors, and synopsis regarding the upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" are hovering on social media. The reports indicate the trouble for Universe 7 in the upcoming episodes of the anime TV series. It is worth noting that Tournament Of Power [VIDEO] is reached to its final stage after the elimination of almost seventy fighters and eight Universes.

Currently, only two Universe left to fight for the glory, Universe 7 and 11.

Among both, U11 is the favorite tow in the tournament as it has the warrior-like Jiren, who is said to be the most powerful member in the Tournament Of Power.

Jiren has a number of powers, and his ability to remain cool in the difficult situation makes him a unique warrior.


There are theories about him, saying he is the fusion of his entire race while some other says the meditation is one of his biggest secret of becoming so powerful. He is often dubbed as even stronger than God Of Destructive.

So is there any warrior in the Universe 7 [VIDEO], who can terror him or at least put up a decent challenge against him. Perhaps, Goku is the one, but he can not simply beat Jiren at this moment of time alone even after unlocking Ultra Instinct. Earlier in the Tournament Of Power, Goku has tasted defeat against Jiren. So, how Universe 7 can beat him? Here, we are talking about the fusion between Vegeta and Goku.

Here is the theory of 'Dragon Ball Super'

It is quite clear that a single warrior might not defeat Jiren alone as mentioned earlier. Recently, a theory on the internet surfaced online of how Universe 7 can end Jiren's journey in the tournament or eliminate him.


A fan on Reddit has broked down the theory into parts:

Android 17 is seemingly eliminated in a fight between himself, Toppo and Gohan.

On the other hand, Jiren will battle the duo, Goku, and Vegeta while Frieza and Gohan will rival Dyspo and will eliminate him

Toppo in the later stage of the tournament is expected to defeat Frieza or Gohan as he will be crowned the new God Of Destruction, which will give him access to power like, Hakai Energy.

Win or draw

At last, One Universe 7 team member (likely Gohan) sacrifices themselves to take out Toppo. It means Jiren will battle Goku and Vegeta in the final match of the tournament. Here, Goku and Vegeta will go for fusion and their collective power can knock down Jiren or the Universe 7 duo can even go for a draw.

Though this is only a theory if one look at the synopsis and the fact that many fans would like to see Jiren and Goku (Strongest warriors of their respective Universes) to battle each other, it might come possible. "Dragon Ball Super" next episode will air on January 7.