Jiren is currently the most powerful warrior in the tournament Of Power. Toppo, the leader of Pride Tropper is also behind his team-mate, Jiren in the Tournament. "Dragon Ball Super" has shown a number of twists and turns so far in the Universal Survival arc and one more interesting twist will soon feature in the upcoming episodes [VIDEO].

If latest spoilers are to be believed, Toppo will be crowned the new God Of Destruction of Universe 11 replacing Belmod.

Now, the question comes, will he be able to more powerful than Jiren? Well, it is possible according to a theory. "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 125 teases Pride Tropper leader's hidden power.


The chapter will feature the battle between Gohan and Toppo, as per the rumors and synopsis.

The TV series has already shown that what happens when a mortal is chosen as a God of Destruction, they gain a godly aura, given the ability to perform Hakai, and many years are added to their lifespan, reports ComicBook. Additionally, Toppo might also have access to KI of Belmond. If this turns out to be true fans can see Universe 11's warriors might become more powerful than Jiren.

Will this lead to conflict?

Toppo became God Of Destruction simply means he can resist Jiren's decisions and policies. Both the Universe 11's warriors have different agendas, as Jiren wants to save and Toppo [VIDEO] has been shown to have a more aggressive vision of justice reports ComicBook. It is worth mentioning that Toppo is more aggressive compared to Jiren.


What if Pride Tropper's leader decides to follow his own policies and agendas regardless of what Jiren may think, this may put the two warriors of Universe 11 against each other. As of now, it is not possible to comment if it can happen or not but there is a possibility of conflict between the both.

"Dragon Ball Super" will air episode 122 on January 7. The chapter will mark the beginning of the final stage of Tournament Of Power, only Universe 7 and Universe 11 are left in the tournament. The trailer of this part of the anime series is already out and shows Jiren and Vegeta fighting each other. The makers have also released a number of pictures related to the episode 122. Below you can see the images.

Images show the growing alliance of Universe 7. Meanwhile, episode 123 will release on January 13 and episode 124 will air on January 20/21. Chapter 124 is named as "A stormy fierce attack! Gohan fights with his back to the wall!!" Stay tuned for more updates on "Dragon Ball Super."