The recent episode,125 of "Dragon Ball Super," reintroduced the mysteries of the Gods of Destruction and this entire legion of deities involved in the "Dragon Ball" world since its return in 2015. In "Dragon Ball Z" we only met Kamisama and Kaiosama as gods and, in the last saga, the Majin Buu saga; we met Kaioshin, who at that time was the deity of the universe. After its return, we were able to meet the feared Gods of Destruction.

One of the most interesting topics relating to these characters is how they got promoted to this important position in the hierarchy. Here we will reveal how the Gods of Destruction achieve that title, and how they are different from the Kaioshins.


The Kaioshins are the largest entity in the universe along with the Hakaishins.


These creatures are born from a sacred tree called Kaiju, which is found on a distant planet far from the 12 universes. This tree, from time to time, yields fruit that are usually normal, and at the same time they end up taking human form and becoming Kaiosamas. But, if the fruit is golden, it is destined to become a Kaioshin. Therefore, these creatures are born destined to be gods.


The God Of Destruction was born a mere mortal. Because of his innate talent to fight and his great power, he comes into contact with a God, who’ll be the God of Destruction on duty, or perhaps the Kaioshin. If a mortal dominates the energy of the gods, he could have the chance to be a God of Destruction candidate as Toppo is.


The latter controlled the divine energy along with the “Hakai” energy -- what makes him a God of Destruction -- although it’s clearly not official since his life isn’t bound to a Kaioshin.

Therefore, there are many requirements such as power, neutrality, and dedication taken into account because if a God of Destruction isn’t neutral, he can’t make wise decisions. Due to this last reason, Toppo still couldn't become a god, as his sense of justice obstructed his neutrality in various situations. After making a decision, Toppo put aside his sense of justice, now beyond good and evil, succeeding in becoming a real Hakaishin.

So far this has been all the information about the "Dragon Ball" world.


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Here is a preview of episode 126 of "Dragon Ball Super," in which Vegeta, the prince of the Saiyans, will fight Toppo, who has become a God of Destruction. The episode will be released on February 4.