On January 21, "Dragon Ball Super" fans watched the episode with a broken heart. Episode 124 showcased the ongoing battle between Universe 7 and Universe 11 in the arena of the World of the Void. The surviving fighters give their all in their battles as each vies to be the MVP and to preserve their respective universe. One of the most disappointing parts of the previous episode is the elimination of the fan-favorite character Gohan in the final phase of the tournament. Interestingly, there is one notable thing during the last episode that underlined the reason for the Saiyan's elimination, and it is not Dyspo.

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Explosive action

The action continues in the Tournament of Power in "Dragon Ball Super" as the popular anime series airs its 124th episode. It is worth noting that at the end of Episode 123, Gohan and Android 17 [VIDEO] were fighting against Toppo and Frieza was against Dyspo.

However, in the most recent episode, the supervillain from hell appeared to be overpowered by the super-high-speed fighter from Universe 11. As part of his deceptive tactic, he offered an alliance with Universe 11, which was later turned down. Frieza turned into his golden form, but even at this level, the Pride Trooper beat him.

Because of this, Gohan acted quickly and aided the supervillain in his battle. The team leader felt that it was his responsibility to help his teammates in their battles. He worked with Frieza and almost eliminated Dyspo. Interestingly, Frieza was not able to hold on to its power, and when Gohan was about to land his massive attack, Frieza turned soft and lost his grip. The cage that limited Dyspo's playing field was gone letting Gohan miss his target.

Strategy of a deceitful fighter

Gohan sacrificed his future fights in the tournament and chose to be eliminated along with his opponent.

Frieza's performance in the previous episode was unlikely. He is a strong and tricky fighter and what he showed in the previous episode was rather lame. To many fans, it was his subtle way of eliminating powerful Universe 7 fighters without being obvious. Even before the Tournament of Power even started, the supervillain from hell has plans [VIDEO]of betraying Universe 7.

Could this be Frieza’s plan of eliminating his teammates in the tournament in order to be the last fighter standing in the arena? Only six minutes are remaining until the Tournament of Power ends. Fans are expecting that in the last minute of the competition in”Dragon Ball Super,” Frieza’s plan will be brought to light.