"Dragon Ball Super" has been rampant when it comes to twists and turns in the ongoing Universe Survival arc. tournament Of Power is heading to its ending with each passing episode as only six minutes now left in it. Makers had recently dropped the bombshell when they eliminated Dyspo and Gohan [VIDEO] in episode 124, aired this weekend. It is worth mentioning that this was the first elimination of the warriors since Tournament has reached its final stage. Currently, Goku, Vegeta, Android 17 and Frieza are remaining from Universe 7's side, while Universe 11 has only two warriors left Jiren and Toppo, leader of Pride Trooper.

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The ongoing 'DBS' Universe survival arc will end on March 25.

Vegeta's elimination

"Dragon Ball Super" has recently hinted that Vegeta might be eliminated from the Tournament in upcoming episodes.

Spoilers and synopsis of the upcoming chapters suggest the final battle of the Tournament [VIDEO] will happen between Jiren and Goku. By the final episode, the rest of the mentioned warriors are expected to evict. Since the Episode 122, the first episode of the series in 2018, we have seen Vegeta battling Jiren teaming up with Goku. Saiyan has also kicked Jiren a few times in the same episode, but nothing decisive has happened as the Pride Trooper always came on top. Notably, it is difficult to say that who will eliminate the Saiyan, but his defeat is looking imminent.

Toppo vs. Vegeta?

Episode 126 of "Dragon Ball Super" titled as "Surpassing even the Gods! Vegeta’s Life-Threatening Move!" It will be Vegeta centric as the name of the episode suggests. The warrior will battle Toppo and might be Jiren also.

Judging the title of the mentioned chapter, it is clear that Vegeta will put his life to risk to beat his opponent. Fans will witness Saiyan more powerful than even as he will surpass the power of Ultra Instinct of the power of God Of Destruction. According to Okatukart, It could be about Ultra Instinct; it could be a combination of Blue and Ultra. Topping it off with Vegeta unleashing a monstrous attack!

Episode 125, "God of Destruction Toppo! Pure Overwhelming Power!" has great relevance with Episode 126 as the former talk about new God of Destruction, while 126 mentions power greater than God. It clearly indicates that Vegeta's next opponent is most likely to be Toppo. However, Vegeta might not get evicted until episode 127 or 128. For more "Dragon Ball Super" updates, please subscribe our channel.