The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” is inching closer to its finale. For several months, fans have been speculating on the potential result of the hotly contested tournament. Aside from introducing many powerful characters with unbelievable powers and strength, the tournament also allowed several fighters to ascend to much greater power levels. Interestingly, a new theory is making rounds on the web recently claiming that Son Goku’s newly unleashed yet unperfected form is going to make a return in the tournament.

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Apparently, the claim is based on the latest leaked spoilers of the popular anime series.

Latest theory

The Tournament of Power in the Universe Survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super” has been the subject of many speculations.

During the previous weeks, the fandom has been very busy talking about the ultimate survivor in the tournament while some others are talking about the winning universe. Recently, however, anime blogger Dhwanit claimed that fans would see Son Goku’s Ultra-Instinct form [VIDEO] once again on the anime’s 127th episode. The blogger believes that Android 17 and Frieza will be eliminated in the upcoming episode by the powerful team leader of the Pride Troopers—Toppo. He also cites the latest spoilers for the series’ 126th episode.

It states that in the upcoming episode, the Prince of All Saiyans Vegeta will fight and corner Toppo. Because of this, the Pride Trooper will show his true ability as a candidate for the god of destruction in his universe. The said spoiler also reveals that Jiren the Gray will aid Toppo.

Despite the powerful team up, Vegeta will go all out and hurls relentless attacks towards his opponents. The blogger believes that the effort that Vegeta is putting in his fight against Universe 11 fighters is just a mere strategy to buy Goku some time. This is to prepare and amass enough energy to unleash his Ultra-Instinct form.

Other details

The blogger also claims that Son Goku’s new form will also be triggered by the elimination of his friends from the Tournament of Power. While the latest theory could happen there are several details that the blogger failed to consider. This includes the possibility [VIDEO] of Son Goku unleashing a new powerful form greater than the Ultra-Instinct. It is worth noting that the form was achieved because of Goku’s resilience to be defeated and his will to fight for his universe. Jiren fired the Genki-Dama back at him, which has been one of the keys to achieving this form.

Meanwhile, Episode 126 of “Dragon Ball Super” is titled "Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Life-Risking Blow!!" Vegeta attacks Toppo.” It is slated to air on Vegeta and Toppo.