Episode 124 of “Dragon Ball Super” disappointed many fans of the popular anime series. The team leader of Universe 7 was eliminated from the Tournament of Power just when fans were expecting that he would be one of the last fighters in the final moment of the competition. Many were broken-hearted after the latest episode of the popular anime series because fans were expecting that like other Saiyans in the competition, he would unleash his new powerful form before being kicked out of the arena.

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Interestingly, there is a new theory hitting the web recently claiming that Gohan’s timely elimination is part of the Saiyan’s strategy in the tournament.

Masterful strategy

On Twitter, anime content creator and translator Herms shared the latest tidbits from DB_Kansou’s latest episode.

The official Twitter [VIDEO] account is considering a different perspective on Gohan’s latest elimination in the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super.” It is toying with the idea that the most recent episode was all part of the plan of the Universe 7’s team leader. It is worth noting that in Episode 124, Frieza failed Gohan in holding onto his power while the Saiyan was fighting Dyspo in the cage created by the supervillain’s power. Frieza can be heard complaining that the technique was draining his energy.

It is possible that it could be part of Gohan’s ingenious plan to get the supervillain to do this not only to help the team beat Dyspo but also to wear Frieza out. If the supervillain were tired, he would not be able to pull any crazy betrayal stunts in the tournament. In the entire run of the hotly contested competition, Frieza has been doing these antics to fighters from other universes.

Frost was eliminated and erased by the Zenos because of the supervillain from hell. In the previous episode, he offered his allegiance to Universe 11 seeing that he could never beat the super-high-speed Dyspo.

Other details

If this was all a part of Gohan’s grand plan, it only underlines that his sacrifice will not go to waste. Unlike the Saiyans, Frieza will not regain his stamina in the arena. One of the reasons why he was not fighting in the early part [VIDEO] of the battle royale was because he was conserving his energy. With his energy drained because of the previous battle, Gohan’s strategy was indeed masterful.

Meanwhile, Episode 125 of “Dragon Ball Super” is slated to air on January 28. It will showcase the continuation of the fight between Vegeta and Son Goku against Jiren the Gray. It will also highlight Toppo’s ascension to the god of destruction level as he continues to fight against Frieza and Android 17.