One of the reasons why fans are excited to see the final phase of the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” is the rematch between Son Goku and Jiren the Gray. So far, the strongest Pride Trooper from Universe 11 has shown he is the strongest opponent to beat in the competition. He single-handedly defeated Goku in his Ultra-Instinct form and the Legendary Assassin, Hit despite his powerful Time-Skip technique. With Vegeta slated to face the toughest opponent, fans are speculating that he will just be easily defeated by Jiren.

However, a new observation from a fan claims that there are actually ways to defeat and eliminate Jiren the Gray from the competition.

How to defeat Jiren

On the popular networking site, Facebook, a “Dragon Ball Super” fan named Jeremy Carden shared his thoughts on how to defeat the strongest Pride Trooper in the Tournament of Power.


The fan enumerated several instances where Jiren was hit by Son Goku during their epic fight. It can be recalled that the fan-favorite Saiyan fired a Kamehameha in their fight that took Jiren by surprise. This landed on him but since he is powerful, he was able to dodge it at the last second.

Carden also found similarities with Cell. This was also mentioned by the god of destruction, Vermouth in one of the previous episodes. He noted that the Pride Trooper’s fighting style is one where he took his opponent’s best attack before defeating him. This also explains why he allowed Goku to amass Ki to form the massive [VIDEO] Genki-Dama. Simply put, Carden believes that the only way to defeat Jiren the Gray is to surprise him.

Is it possible?

In the previous episodes, Jiren the Gray proved that he is the force to reckon with in the Tournament of Power.


His confidence was further displayed when he decided to retire into meditation while the tournament was still on-going. Even Grand Priest Daishinkan noted this as a bold and daring move [VIDEO]. Jiren is not only confident that he can recharge his lost energy undisturbed, he also thinks that there is no fighter in the arena strong and powerful enough to fight against him.

Meanwhile, fans are looking forward to the weekend as another crazy episode is scheduled to air. On January 6, “Dragon Ball Super” will show the Prince of All Saiyans fight against the strongest Pride Trooper. The fight will be explosive as Vegeta is expected to go all out against Jiren the Gray as revealed in the leaked spoilers released earlier.