Dragon Ball Super” has introduced a lot of interesting characters in the series. When the Tournament of Power started, fans were acquainted with characters like Toppo and his Pride Troopers, and gods and angels of destruction from other universes. One of the most interesting personalities introduced in the latest anime series is the Grand Priest Daishinkan. Like Jiren the Gray, his identity is cloaked in mystery. This triggered fans to speculate about his origin and his power.

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Interestingly, a new theory is making rounds recently claiming to have known some of the facts about the Grand Priest including his backstory.

Eternal Curse

Anime blogger named King Ozymandias shared his theory online about the Grand Priest Daishinkan of “Dragon Ball Super.” The blogger believes that the powerful immortal, like his sons and daughters—Angels of Destruction, cannot be erased.

The theory also claims that Daishinkan is eternally cursed. Ozymandias explains [VIDEO]that in reality, the Grand Priest is by far, more powerful than the god of all—Zeno. However, he is cursed to babysit and guard Zeno in his entire lifetime.

The anime blogger theorizes that the previous King might have already anticipated the damage that the Grand Priest is capable of bringing to his successor. In order to avoid cataclysmic things from happening and as a way of defeating him, the previous King cursed Daishinkan to the attendant of his successor—Zeno. In the event that he fails or if he tries to break the curse, he will instantly vanish.

Other details

In addition, the anime blogger believes that his theory could also well explain Daishinkan’s disdain having the Tournament of Power. The Grand Priest is also in a perfect spot right now acting as a de facto ruler of the Multiverse.

It is noticeable that the Zenos only listens to the Grand Priest. In a way, he has his way of convincing the god of all [VIDEO] of the things that he would like to do in the Multiverse. The Tournament of Power could be a venue where mortals can impress the child-like ruler, and Daishinkan is not pleased about it.


Meanwhile, Episode 124 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on January 21. It will be the continuation of the fight of Son Goku and Vegeta against Jiren the Gray. Korean version of the Jump Magazine recently revealed that Gohan would be in a tight spot against Toppo. Many speculate that at the end of the upcoming episode, Goku’s son will be eliminated along with Universe 11’s Pride Trooper Dyspo.