"Dragon Ball Super" is reaching new heights of excitement with each passing episode. Fans have seen warriors reaching to new heights of their own power in the Universe Survival arc of the anime show. Goku is one of the most powerful warriors in the Tournament Of Power. The Universe 7 warrior is rumored to unlock a new version of his Ultra Instinct. Son Goku is currently having a battle with the most powerful warrior in the tournament, which is in its final stage. Goku is rumored to unlock Ultra Instinct Black in upcoming episodes.

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Goku is one of the most fan-favorite characters in "Dragon Ball Super," and he has a villainous presence. Readers are advised the information is based on rumors as nothing can be said for certain.

Episode 123 review

"Dragon Ball Super" has recently come up with episode 123. It was a Vegeta, Goku, and Jiren centric episode. Fans saw Vegeta and Goku teaming up against Jiren again after episode 122. It is worth mentioning that the final stage of the Tournament of Power was begun with the Chapter 122. On the other side, Android 17 and Gohan fought Toppo and Frieza battled Dyspo. The highlight of the episode was the brilliant strategy of Goku to beat Jiren. Both the warriors have also fought in one of the October episodes where Goku was defeated by U11's fighter.

A mind-blowing strategy

Goku has again shown why he is one of the greatest warriors of "Dragon Ball Super." He confused Jiren in the episode 123 battle by planting Ki blasts around him. The strategy has almost paid off but Jiren got the hint of it later in the episode as he understood the plan of Saiyan by his movement.

Jiren was almost knocked over by Goku but somehow he rescued himself as he channelized Saitama from "One Punch Man and frightened Goku with his Super Saiyan Blue form.

Fans also saw Android 17 and Gohan fighting Toppo as they attacked him with a clever tag-team combination while the Dyspo and Frieza fight was featured for a very short period of time. Overall, nothing decisive has happened in this episode.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 124 is scheduled to release on January 20/21. The chapter is named as “A Stormy, Fierce Attack! Gohan Fights with his Back to the Wall!!” Fans [VIDEO] will witness Toppo and Gohan's fight in this part of the show and Frieza's potential betrayal of Universe 7. The preview of the episode is already out. Nothing else is confirmed yet, stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super."