Jiren is undoubtedly the most powerful warrior of tournament Of Power. The warrior has played a vital in Universe 11's journey so far in the Tournament. The Pride Trooper is one of the biggest reasons why Universe 11 is considered being favored to win the Tournament.

Meanwhile, Since the Episode 122 ("For One's Own Pride! Vegeta's Challenge to Be The Strongest!!") of "Dragon Ball Super" Jiren is battling Vegeta and Goku as they both are teamed up to eliminate him.

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Notably, Jiren [VIDEO] has always come on top in every episode where he fought the duo of Universe 7 besides a couple of incidents where Vegeta has given a bit of trouble to him.

Overall, the Pride Trooper warrior has been rampant against his opponents since the Tournament has reached its final stage.

Who is Gogeta?

Jiren can defeat any warrior in the Tournament on any day. However, there is a warrior, who can turn out to be an absolute nightmare for the strongest warrior in Universe Survival arc. Here we are talking about Gogeta. For those who don't know, Gogeta forms when Goku and Vegeta do the Fusion Dance when at the same power level. It is worth mentioning that, power level plays a vital role in it, during the fusion, the power of both warriors must match for greater power. Gogeta features Goku's body structure as he is tall and slender and possess Vegeta's facial features.

The power of Gogeta?

The power of Gogeta can absolutely give Jiren a run for his money.

Interesting, Gogeta might happen in the ending episodes of the Tournament as reports and spoilers suggest that Only, Goku, Vegeta, and Jiren will feature in the final battle. Fans have seen Vegeta and Goku forming a new level of Ultra Instinct but it has no effect on Jiren, which higher the possibility between Goku and Vegeta's fusion and it looks only way to eliminate the U11's fighter. Readers are advised the information is based on a theory, which may or may not happen in the upcoming episode. For confirmation, fans have to wait for the upcoming episodes.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 125 will air this weekend or on January 28. It is named as "With Imposing Presence! God Of Destruction Toppo Descends!!" As the title suggests, it will focus on Toppo, who will be the new God of Destruction and is expected to fight Frieza and Android 17 [VIDEO]. Fans will also witness, Vegeta and Goku continuing their battle with Jiren. Notably, Dyspo and Gohan have been evicted from the Tournament in the previous episode. Stay tuned for more entertainment and anime show updates.