"Dragon Ball Super" will release episode 124 on January 21. The episode is titled as "A Stormy, Fierce Attack! Gohan Fights with his Back to the Wall!!" As the name suggests, the chapter will heavily focus on Gohan. It is worth noting that Tournament Of Power has already reached its final stage with Universe 11 and Universe 7 left in it. Gohan alongside with Frieza will battle Dyspo of Universe 11 in the upcoming episode. On the other hand, fans might also see Android 17 in action.

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The preview of the episode is also available now.

Gohan and Frieza teaming up

Dyspo is probably the fastest warrior in the tournament. According to ComicBook, the two fighters form one of Dragon Ball's most unlikely partnerships, in order to bring Dyspo [VIDEO] down for good! The tactics include Frieza using his finger-laser attack to create a confining cage to restrict Pride Trooper's movements, and it will create an opportunity for Gohan to battle Dyspo directly.

Notably, since the beginning of the final stage of Tournament, we have seen Universe 7's strategies didn't work against Universe 11. Gohan and Android 17 have not done enough to trouble Toppo while Goku and Vegeta are yet to make any prominent impact battling with Jiren.

The possible betrayal

ComicBook further reported that Gohan and Frieza would suffer against Dyspo. According to the recent spoilers saying that “Gohan's in big trouble! What's his comeback strategy?! Gohan supports Freeza in his fierce battle against Universe 11's Dyspo. Gohan and Freeza have a hard time with Dyspo's lightning-fast movement?!” Meanwhile, earlier this week there were reports surfaced regarding the possible treason by Frieza with Universe 7, which we can't deny. According to Okatukart, Frieza asks Dyspo to join Universe 11, if they use the Super Dragon Balls to revive him.

Well, nothing can be said regarding the episode 124 certainly as "Dragon Ball Super" is getting excited about each passing episode.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 123 was aired recently as fans have witnessed Goku and Vegeta teaming up against mighty Jiren. Saiyan tricked the most powerful warrior in the tournament by planting Ki blasts around the fighting arena. But later Jiren understood the tactics of Universe 7's fighter. Nothing decisive has happened in this part of the Anime Show.

Episode 125 of "Dragon Ball Super" is titled as "God of Destruction Toppo [VIDEO]! Pure Overwhelming Power!" Stay tuned for more.