It is clear that one of the characters most loved by fans within the world of "Dragon Ball Super" is the Prince of all Saiyajins, Vegeta. This character first had his debut in episode 2 of "Dragon Ball Z," and from that moment became an idol for many.

However, and despite his great popularity, Vegeta was humiliated a number of times, which is uncommon for a character as important as he. At first, this was because the character could be considered an antihero, being proud, vain and in some cases evil.


The creator of the series, Akira Toriyama, admitted publicly that he does not like the character, and it was created based on everything Toriyama hates about a person, so, apparently, his countless humiliations are in some way related.

The great moment of Vegeta

The cruel reign of Akira Toriyama and his countless humiliations of the Vegeta character ended the day Akira gave him a script with rights to Toei Animation. After this, the company would be responsible for modifying certain elements of the script, thus giving more prominence to the character. Still, Vegeta was not saved from being humiliated in "Dragon Ball Super," although his shame was to a lesser extent.

Now, and after many, many years, Vegeta will have a great moment again, just as his sacrifice against Majin Bu was, so shall it be with Jiren.

The new state of Vegeta

Episode 123 will show us a new form that the Prince of all Saiyajins will achieve, in order to pass Super Saiyajin Blue. He will obtain this in order to face Jiren alongside his rival, Son Goku. Some speculate that this state could be the Super Saiyajin Blue mastered that we saw in the manga created and illustrated by Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro, but we discarded this possibility.


In the advance of that episode, e can see that Vegeta is surrounded by a dense aura of blue color, which is contradictory to what is seen in the manga.

On the other hand, diverse theories affirm that Vegeta could be using Ultra Instinct, although this is not probable since the form does not possess the characteristic gray eyes that Goku carries. In some way, Ultra Instincts’ aura is slightly different, although with small similarities which can let us understand that Vegeta is using a certain power, migatte no gokui.

Some of this is seen in his eyes, which are no longer blue in their entirety. His pupil is now black. On the other hand, the form's aura does not fluctuate in the same way, since we see that small bubbles of energy are inside it and around it.

We can not confirm that Vegeta is using Ultra Instinct, but we believe that giving a unique transformation to the character is a good reward after so many years of humiliating defeats.