A few hours ago there were new leaked images corresponding to episode 122 of "Dragon Ball Super," in which we will see the start of the final battle between Universe 7 led by Goku and Universe 11 led by Toppo. These images show us the fantastic animation that this episode will have, along with revealing some more details about the upcoming chapter. Next, we show you the images.

Official images

In the first image, we see Goku who is face to face with Jiren.

This scene may be from after the battle between Vegeta and Jiren, which we now know Jiren will easily win. After this, Goku [VIDEO] will take the place of Vegeta and begin an epic battle for the survival of Universe 7.


Next, we observe a new image of the combat between Jiren and Vegeta [VIDEO], with a really revealing animation that undoubtedly shows us the great detail that the drawings will have, made by the artists from the animation studio. The animation is spearheaded by one of the best animators of the "Dragon Ball Z" series, Yuya Takahashi, who was also in charge of animating episode 114, and part of episode 110.

One of the most curious scenes that we will see in episode 122 can be seen in the third image. We see that Araq, the God of Destruction of Universe 5 is sitting in the stands next to the participants and the Gods of Universe 7. Everything indicates that Araq will grow bored of being alone in his seat, so he will go with the members of Universe 7 to observe the battle with them.

In the last image, we can see Android 17 and Gohan, who look surprised by some situation that is happening around them.


Thanks to the yellow glow that illuminates both characters, we can make a guess that the surprise is due to the final glow that Vegeta will use against Jiren. Once again, it's worth noting, the extraordinary animation that this episode will have.

Chapter 123

Meanwhile, episode 123 will show the continuation of the battle between both universes, so in episode 122 there will be no elimination, despite the defeat Vegeta will suffer. Android 17 and Gohan will fight Toppo, while Frieza will have a tough battle against the sonic warrior, Dyspo. Let's hope the days go by quickly so we can see this extraordinary episode that will feature extraordinary animation, in addition to showing us the exciting battle between Vegeta and Jiren.

At the moment this is the most current news related to the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, we will be communicating it as soon as possible.