"Dragon Ball Super" will air Episode 125 [VIDEO]on January 28, titled as "With Imposing Presence! God Of Destruction Toppo Descends!!" However, the details of episode 127 have already started floating on media outlets. Recently, reports have indicated that Chapter 127 is not a good one for Vegeta. According to ComicBook, if the spoiler is real, then the provisional title for Episode 127 includes the phrase “Entrusting Hope to the Final Barrier.” Reports further suggest it is just a half-title of the episode and there are chances that title could also have a preface.

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The end of Vegeta

The report came from a supposedly leaked magazine from Japan, reports ComicBook. The information leaked regarding the episode has bad news for the Universe 7 fans.

Details suggest that Vegeta will face his end in the Tournament of Power in this part of the show. Notably, Episode 126 is titled as “Surpass Even a God! Vegeta’s Life-Risking Blow” which is also focused on Vegeta. If the spoilers information comes out to be true, it means there is a clear indication of a connection between Episode 126 and 127 and that is Vegeta.

Talking about the titles of Episode 127, which we already mentioned with the title, “Entrusting Hope to the Final Barrier,” from the fan's perspective, it could mean Vegeta entrusts the hope of U7 to his team after he’s either evicted from the Tournament or maybe killed, reports ComicBook. In case of Vegeta's elimination, all the hopes of Universe 7 will definitely lie on the Goku's shoulders. And fans might see the Saiyan going beyond Ultra Instinct.

Episode 125 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

The Episode will be Toppo centric. The leader of the Pride Trooper [VIDEO] will be the new God of Destruction as the title suggests. The status will make him mightier with powers like Hakai Energy and Belond's Ki, who he will replace as the God. The Universe 11 warrior is likely to fight Frieza and Android 17 in episode 125. On the other hand, Vegeta and Goku will continue their battle with Jiren. It is worth mentioning that in the previous episode, Dyspo and Gohan were eliminated from the Tournament, which is slowly getting to its end with each passing episode as only six minutes are left in it now. The makers have recently released the new airing details of the upcoming episodes, which suggest the ending of Universe Survival arc on March 25. It means only seven episodes are left now in the Tournament. Stay tuned for more.