"Dragon Ball Super" came with the Episode 124 titled as "A stormy fierce attack! Gohan fights with his back to the wall!!" It was one of the most anticipated episodes of the tournament of Power. The Tournament of Power reached the final stages with Episode 122, which means an elimination was on its way.

Dyspo and Gohan's journey ended

Rumors and spoilers of the episode earlier indicated that a number of fates will be decided in this part of the show.

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The anime show has now eliminated Dyspo and Gohan, which means both Universe 7 and Universe 11 have lost one of their key members. Notably, now only six minutes are left in the Tournament.

The episode started with Goku and Vegeta fighting against Jiren with their full efforts, which annoyed the most powerful warrior in the Tournament a bit. As that battle continued, chapter 124 of the anime series shifted to the fight between Dyspo and Frieza.

We all know that Dyspo is probably the fastest warrior in the tournament of "Dragon Ball Super." In the episode, he showed Frieza his strength and kept him on his toes. Later, Frieza faked an injury to the Universe 11 warrior. The earlier rumors predicted Frieza's treason with Universe 7, and he did try it. Frieza proposed to Dyspo that he wanted to join Universe 11 if they use the Super Dragon Balls to resurrect him. However, Dyspo denied his request. This led Frieza to transform into his Golden form. Dyspo [VIDEO] then went into a defensive mode and suffered from his opponents lethal power and speed.

After he was troubled a bit, Dyspo unleashed a technique which made the purple aura surround him. The technique is known as the "Super Maximum Light Speed Mode." It made Dyspo incredibly faster so that even the Zen-Ohs could not see him.

Dyspo's defeat

Now the danger of elimination was hovering on Frieza until Gohan came to rescue him. So it became Frieza and Gohan vs Dyspo. Gohan made a solid plan to slowed down Dyspo and he asked Frieza to create a laser-like prison, reports Empty Light House. Later, Frieza got tired and the laser prison dissipated. Meanwhile, Gohan then grabbed Dyspo so that Frieza [VIDEO]could use his final attack. Frieza unleashed the Ki blast, which led to Dyspo and Gohan's end in the Tournament of Power.

So now, Goku, Frieza, Android 17 and Vegeta remain from Universe 7 while Toppo and Jiren are left from Universe 11. It is worth mentioning that "Dragon Ball Super" Universe Survival arc is ending on March 25.