"Dragon Ball Super" has a number of warriors with their own unique powers. In the ongoing "Universal Survival's" Tournament of Power Jiren is dubbed as the strongest warrior among all including Goku. Notably, Jiren has already defeated Goku in the ‘Universal Survival’ arc. Since then, many fans want to know the reasons behind the power of universe 11's warrior. According to ComicBook, one new theory may have pegged down the real reasoning behind Jiren’s insane power.

According to theory, one of the reasons is the meditation.

Jiren has been seen a number of times doing meditation. In a recent episode, the warrior was seen doing meditation in the middle of the Tournament of Power. Fans think this might help Jiren boos his power with great self-awareness. Another reason could be his ability to remain calm in difficult situations. Jiren has been seen displaying no emotions and the absence of emotions might be used for his power-up.

Episode 122

In the upcoming episode 122, Jiren is expected to fight Goku and Vegeta as Universe 11 will go all out against Universe 7 in the Tournament Of Power.


The tournament will reach the beginning of its final stage by episode 122. So far almost seventy warriors have been eliminated and eight Universes erased.

Universe 3 was the last team, which was eliminated from the tournament. Episode 122, fans will also see Dyspo take his turn to destabilize the Universe 7 warriors. This does not sit well with Frieza and focuses his attention on Dyspo. The upcoming episode is titled as "For One's Own Pride! Vegeta's Challenge to Be The Strongest!!" and it will air on January 7, making it 2018's first episode of "Dragon Ball Super." Gohan and Android 17 will team up against Toppo, the leader of the Pride Trooper.


More regarding the show

The January 13 episode will be called "Full body, power and spirit unleashed! Goku and Vegeta!!" The chapter is expected to show fans an ultimate battle between Jiren and Goku/Vegeta. Universe 7's duo will unlock their Ultra Instinct in this chapter. Android 17 might be eliminated in this part of "Dragon Ball Super."

Episode 124 is scheduled to air on January 21. It will be a fate-decider episode, where future of many prominent characters will be at stake. Readers are advised that the details are based on spoilers, rumors, and theories.

Fans have to wait for the upcoming episodes for confirmation. "Dragon Ball Super" airs on Fuji TV at 8:15 PM EST. Stay tuned for more entertainment news.