"Dragon Ball Super" fans have already heard the news of the ending of Universe Survival arc on 25 March. The arc has been a huge hit for the makers. The ending of the Tournament Of Power must have made the fans sad. Meanwhile, the fans of the anime TV series can now smile as we are going to confirm that the franchise will soon come up with a new "Dragon Ball" movie. The anime film will be the 20th installation of the franchise. The movie has been recently confirmed at Jump Festa event by the makers. If reports are to be believed, Akira Toriyama has worked on the story and the characters of the film. He has already finished the story of the upcoming movie. It means the only work might be left is the animation and dubbing part.


New DBS movie

The makers have not confirmed the release date yet. However, they have hinted that the film might debut at the end of 2018, which looks certain as per the reports. The new "Dragon Ball" film will honor the latest anniversary of the franchise. Talking about the plot of the film, the new installment of DB will focus on the origins or the history of Saiyans, which is surely an absolute delight for the fans. The story will deep dig down the history of Saiyans, which means fans will witness a lot of new characters. The upcoming "Dragon Ball" movie is also going to focus on Yamoshi, the name of the original Super Saiyan God. Presumably, Goku and Vegeta might also be featured in the movie.


There is no information available regarding the title of the movie. The fans of anime series can expect the teaser of the film released by mid-2018. Notably, "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F" was the last movie of anime series released in 2015. So, fans have to wait a bit more to know, the origins of one of the most powerful warriors, Saiyans of the anime series. Overall, we will see another masterpiece from Akira Toriyama.

Tournament Of Power

After some epic battles and surprising twists and turns, Tournament Of Power is ending soon. The new schedule of "Dragon Ball Super" has been confirmed by the makers recently. Notably, only six minutes left in the tournament. Below is the date of upcoming seven episode of the anime TV series.


Episode 125 - Air date Jan 28

Episode 126 - Air date Feb 4

Episode 127 - Air date Feb 11

Episode 128 - Air date Feb 18

Episode 129 - Air date March 4

Episode 130 - Air date March 18

Episode 131 - Air date March 25

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