The "Dragon Ball Super" illustrator, known by the community as "Toyotaro," has been leaking out drawings (test drawings) of angels, Kaio Shins, and gods of destruction frequently. With this, came the theory that these drawings are the deities of the universes that were destroyed a long time ago by Zeno-Sama.

Some other people think that they're just tests that were dismissed by Akira Toriyama, prior to what would be the gods of today's universes. However, many people think that all of these leaked drawings are, as I mentioned before, the deities of the universes that were destroyed since it's a big coincidence that three angels, three gods of destructions, and three gods of creation have been leaked.


With this, it's said that these drawings would later appear in "Dragon Ball Super" in a hypothetically new saga, but nothing's official yet and all are mere speculations, but there's no doubt that we must not rule out that possibility.

Unknown angel

But well, let's go to the main subject of this recently leaked news, and it was last night when Toyotaro leaked to us through his Twitter account a drawing in which we could see a completely unknown Angel. The special thing about this angel is, that, as we all can see, it has the appearance of a baby, something that's very strange for all of us, since it makes us think of thousands of possibilities. Perhaps this baby is a current angel when he was a baby, or maybe this is a new baby angel, or it's the child of a current angel.

New plot of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Nothing is clear yet, since a new drawing is added to Toyotaro's list of leaks that he's made to us, it's still possible that all of these drawings are part of a new plot of "Dragon Ball Super," as they could well be new characters (deities) for a new saga.

Definitely, this is something that makes all fans feel a sense of uncertainty because there have been leaks of some possible new characters, but still absolutely nothing is confirmed.

We just have to wait and see what happens in the future of "Dragon Ball Super" and realize for ourselves if all of these leaks make it to the anime.


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