"Dragon Ball Super" is reaching new levels of excitement with each each passing episode.Fans are going to have a hard time with the next "Dragon Ball Super" episode. It’s sad, but it looks imminent, that Vegeta will be eliminated in the tournament of Power. The warrior has played a huge role in Universe 7's success in the Universe Survival arc. The tournament has only five minutes left and with each passing minute, the battles among warriors are getting more intense. Meanwhile, the Saiyan can be eliminated in Episode [VIDEO] 127, provisionally titled as "Entrusting Hope to the Final Barrier!" and it will air on February 14.

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It is worth mentioning that the show is ending on March 25 as per the new schedule, as only six episodes are left in it. The anime series is running from mid-2015.

The ultimate sacrifice

Fans might see Android 17's battle with Toppo alongside Vegeta in the same episode, as per the spoilers.

According to ComicBook, "Freeza's megalomania proved to nearly be his undoing in the battle against the God Of Destruction Toppo, leaving Android 17 facing imminent elimination. However, there's a chance that No. 17 is about to get a big save!" Notably, Vegeta will continue his battle with Jiren alongside Goku in Episode 127, but he will indulge in fighting with Toppo as soon as he realizes that Android 17 is in danger of elimination. Notably, the title of Chapter 127 talked about a final barrier, which is likely a reference to Android 17's energy barrier technique. Meanwhile, if synopsis' are to be believed, Vegeta will lose the battle against Toppo, which surely will be an ultimate sacrifice by Vegeta.

Vegeta's end in the Tournament of Power means, Goku and Android 17 will battle Jiren and Toppo in the final episodes of "Dragon Ball Super." The eviction will make the Universal Survival storyline more interesting for sure.

The last two eliminated members in the tournament [VIDEO] were Dyspo and Gohan, who were evicted in Episode 124, called "The Fiercely Overwhelming Assault! Gohan's Last Stand!!"

Upcoming chapter of 'Dragon Ball Super'

"Dragon Ball Super" will air Episode 126 on February 4, which is titled "Surpass Even A God! Vegeta's Desperate Blow!." As the title suggests, it will be a Vegeta-focused chapter, where the Saiyan will even surpass the power of the God of Destruction. Fans could witness Android 17 battling Toppo, as Frieza was easily overpowered by the Universe 11 fighter from the previous episode. Stay tuned for more updates.