Chapter 122 of “Dragon Ball Super” left Dragon Ball fans divided. Some of them were upset about the “humiliation” of Vegeta, while others were excited about some Details that can be seen in the chapter and that makes us believe that the Saiyan Prince is still able to give more in the final battle of the Tournament of Power.

And this is confirmed by the upcoming chapters in the next weeks. Until episode 126, the proud warrior will continue fighting against the powerful rivals from Universe 11, just as was revealed by a Japanese TV guide that we could read thanks to the translation work of @Herms98.

The new episodes

In the TV guide, the synopsis of the chapters 123 and 124, in addition to the titles of 125 and 126 were revealed.


On this occasion, we will talk only about the last one. Are you ready for what is coming?

The chapter will be titled: “Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Life-Risking Blow” and it will premiere on February 4th. Although we don’t have any more information about this episode, the title seems to be very revealing: the prince won't mind putting himself at risk as long as he achieves another level of power. And we say “another,” because everything seems to indicate that it will not be the Ultra Instinct, but a new power, exclusively for him.

There are several clues that confirm it. The first of these can be found in the new anime ending, which was revealed along with chapter 122. There’s a scene where Goku and Vegeta are together and the appearance of the Saiyan Prince is very different than the one we have seen before.


The dark blue color and the sparkle in his eyes

Another one of the hints of the new Vegeta’s transformation can be found in the dialogues that he had with Jiren in chapter 122. The Pride Trooper accuses the Prince of being arrogant and of course, Vegeta confirms that he is. However, this arrogance can be what gives place to his new level of power.

It wouldn’t be the first time we've seen a variant of a transformation in “Dragon Ball Super." In the Goku Black saga, Trunks transformed into a Super Saiyan Rage and in Universe Survival, Kale attained the super Saiyan Berserker.

So, be prepared. Vegeta will have a new power. For the first time, he will have his own transformation, and not one that Goku had attained before, which will be all thanks to his great ego.


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