While radical feminists continue to call nearly every man in the world a “sexual predator” and the scandals in Hollywood and the political arena continue to make headline news around the world, French actress, Catherine Deneuve is taking a different approach by saying that men should be free to flirt (Sexual Freedom) with women and women should not be confused and call it a sexual assault. A report by The Guardian presented most of the information used in this article.

Deneuve said that sure, sexual assault carried out by physical force is certainly a criminal act, but the way things are going now, trying to seduce someone, or just innocently playing around, will now lead to the destruction of their male counterparts employment and reputation.

Deneuve and dozens of other females from France, who are employed in media and the arts, penned a letter in France’s newspaper, Le Monde, about the sexual assault cases making the news around the world. In using Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual assaults as an example, the women state that this is now leading to nothing more than a witch-hunt against all men and that sooner or later, it will lead to a risk of sexual freedom, TheGuardian.org reported.

The #MeToo movement

The letter in-part states, “Men have been reprimanded instantaneously, shoved out of their employment when all they did was 'touch' some females kneecap or try to sneak a kiss.” Deneuve and the authors of the letter also blasted the “feminist social media campaign #MeToo” as well as the comparable campaign in France called, “#BalanceTonPorc” (Call out your swine, pig) and stated that those crusades have turned the seriousness of violent sexual assaults into the same witch-hunt against men.

Deneuve stated that she doesn’t think that the campaign is the right method of choice as it has now become extreme, far from what the movement was intended to accomplish. She further said that after French women use the phrase, “Call out your swine, pig” should those men in return call those females, "you’re a wh*re?"

Signatory statements

The signatories of the letter stated that none of these movements by these feminists is helping anyone other than those who are enemies of sexual freedom and the worst type of reactionaries.

They further stated that they do not recognize the movements nor do they support it if it does nothing but use and abuse their power to inspire the hatred of men and their sexuality. The letter goes on to say that women should already know that men have sexual urges, as women have the same urges, but that they should be smart enough to know when a man is "just" interested in them and what a “real” sexual attack is.

Deneuve, who is 74, is well-known in the international film industry who received an Oscar nomination for acting as a bored wife and played a prostitute in the 1967 motion picture, “Belle de Jour.

As I reported on Monday (Jan. 8), a former Army Major Gen. Commander at Ft. Carlson lost his chance at being promoted to Lieutenant General due to an Army Inspector General report that stated that Gonsalves called a female Democratic staffer, a “sweetheart.”