With the premiere of the new episode of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generation,” a lot of people have been left in doubt about the new jutsu of Konohamaru, since it’s actually a variation of what we already knew, that is, the Rasengan made up by Minato Namikaze. However, there are many mysteries behind this jutsu, so we'll look into it.

What we saw

In the current episode, we watched how Boruto’s teacher, Konohamaru, used a variant of the Rasengan, which is far more powerful than the ordinary one.

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In the past, the Rasengan of Konohamaru was very small since he didn’t have any instruction to develop this technique. That is to say, he never had a teacher who would guide him and help him to perfect the Rasengan 100 percent like Naruto had it.

However, in the last episode, we could see how Konohamaru has taken his Rasengan a step further, giving it the nature of a chakra which allows him to be more destructive, powerful, and fast. In a certain way, the new Rasengan of Konohamaru, with the wind element, shows different properties. Originally, Konohamaru developed his technique by imitating Naruto’s, that’s why he used his clones to create the sphere [VIDEO], using the same process Naruto used.

How did he develop this new Rasengan?

Konohamaru managed to raise the power of his Rasengan since he added the wind element to his spiral sphere and, thanks to that, he’s capable of creating a very destructive variant. However, even though he's already powerful enough, this is not all, since, by adding the wind element, a kind of halo appears automatically around the chakra sphere that shows at all times that the cut power of the technique is much greater [VIDEO].

On the other hand, the color ceases to be completely blue in the anime, becoming a white color. This has been seen in the past with Naruto creating his Rasen Shuriken. Therefore, what is the new jutsu of Konohamaru? The answer is simple, and this jutsu is nothing more than a Rasengan with a wind element, however, it’s still far from being improved, although we can say that it’s in a much greater scale than the conventional Rasengan we all know.

Without a doubt, Konohamaru, although he hasn’t always had Naruto's tutelage and that he hasn’t always helped him with his techniques, has been able to perfect them in an incredible way, using his own methods.

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