Amber Portwood revealed that she was exploring a new relationship after dumping Matt Baier. Amber and Matt had gone on "Marriage Bootcamp" to work on their issues, but they ended up splitting up after appearing on the show together. Portwood didn't want to keep working on the relationship and she threw Matt out of their Indiana home. He went back home to Las Vegas and it didn't take the "Teen Mom OG" star to find someone new. Andrew Glennon, a producer on "Marriage Bootcamp," reached out to Amber, revealing that he had a crush on her. Within weeks, the two were spending time together and they are now expecting their first child together.

According to a new Instagram post, Amber Portwood appears to be very happy in her new relationship. When Amber was dating Matt, she was frequently defending him and her relationship with him. In addition, Portwood was working hard for her online company. However, it sounds like she's focusing on her personal relationships and her daughter now that she has a new boyfriend. Before her focus used to be on her business but she's now focusing on her family. It's awesome to see that Andrew is so supportive of her life before him, including her daughter Leah.

'Marriage Bootcamp' romance

Amber and Matt Baier's "Marriage Bootcamp" appearance has yet to air, but it sounds like it was eye-opening for Amber.

While she was dating Matt, she had a strong focus on her business, her online store, and getting more time with her daughter. But Matt wasn't always supportive of her ventures and dreams. It was after filming the show that she learned about Andrew Glennon's feelings for her. It didn't take her long to dump Matt Baier and give love a second chance with Andrew.

But it sounds like this relationship is much healthier than her previous relationship with Matt. Over the Christmas holidays, Amber spent time with her family and it sounds like Glennon is opening up his arms to her family. In addition, Portwood is spending more time with Leah.

Matt Baier left behind

Even though Amber may have left Baier behind, it didn't take him long to move on.

He got married to another woman shortly after splitting with Amber. Maybe he felt he needed stability. Reports have surfaced that she's an old friend and was recently arrested. Maybe he's bounced back into old habits, while Portwood is focusing on a more positive future.

What do you think about Amber Portwood's new relationship? How do you think Andrew is different than Matt?