It is almost time for a new season of "Sister Wives" on TLC. If you have the TLC Go app then you can watch the first hour of it on the app. In this first hour, it was time for Mykelti Brown's family to meet her fiance Tony's family. It was a bit of an odd meeting, but they made it work. Mykelti and Tony are already planning their wedding and they also went to look at a venue that could be used for the wedding.

What differences do these families have?

This dinner was supposed to be with both families. The odd thing is that Tony's family doesn't speak very good English, so this language barrier caused a few problems for everyone.

They also aren't used to being around people who are polygamists at all. They didn't seem to mind that at all, though. Tony explained that some people in his family even see Kody Brown as an "idol" because he is able to have four women. Of course, Kody seemed to love the fact that someone feels that way about him.

They took a lot of time trying to decide how to set up the tables and overthinking everything. It was obvious that Christine Brown was really nervous about this dinner, but it seemed to turn out just fine. She admits that she wasn't a huge fan of Mykelti and Tony's relationship at first and she was afraid Tony's mom would hold that against her. Now, she sees how great they are together and that they get along well.

Tony and Mykelti seem like a perfect match.

What went down with the Brown family?

They all sat down at the table for dinner and it seemed to go pretty well.They all had lasagna. They were talking away, but you don't really notice Tony's family talking much at all. His parents were there and also his two siblings. The Brown Family had already met the siblings, but not very much.

A few other things happened on the first hour of "Sister Wives." One thing is that Meri Brown went and looked at a Bed And Breakfast that she wants to buy. This house was part of her family years ago and Meri wants to buy it. She has to get permission from the entire family since they share money. Meri talks to Robyn about it, but it looks like she still needs to talk to everyone else.

The spoilers are out and Meri does end up buying it and it just opened up last week. This is in Utah and keeps her out of town a lot, but she said that Christine's mom Annie actually plans on running the bed and breakfast for her.

Are you excited for the return of "Sister Wives" to TLC? The new season will be back in January and you do not want to miss it all go down.