One Piece episode 816 titled "The History of the Left Eye! Pedro vs. Baron Tamago" will feature the fight between Pedro and Baron Tamago. But aside from that, it will also feature other interesting scenes that fans would love to see. Here is what you can expect in the next episode of Eiichiro Oda's hit anime series.

Pedro vs. Baron

During the fight of Pedro and Baron, there will be flashbacks of the two fighter's past encounter. Pedro's past on the hands of Big Mom will also be seen wherein Big Mom deducted 50 years from his life.

Because of this, Pedro is now weaker than before. But despite that, he can still manage to face Baron.

Chopper and Carrot in the Mirror World

In the last episode, it featured Chopper and Carrot who are still running around in the Mirror World.


But Chopper finally finds a way to regroup the Straw Hat Pirates. His surprise attack on Brulee and his subordinates will be successful.

Since Brulee is already with Chopper, they have more chances of gaining access to the Mirror World and outside of it. Brulee previously claimed that he can connect all the mirrors on the Whole Cake Island. Hence, he is the key for Carrot and Chopper's exit from it. Aside from that, they can also pull their friends into the Mirror World so that they can plan their next step on how to enter the highly-guarded wedding of Sanji and Pudding.

Brook's difficult situation

Brook is trying to get into Big Mom's treasure room so he can get the Polyglyph. But as he tries to enter, Big Mom will stop him by breaking through the door using her Haki powers. He will be in a bad situation since no one will come to help him.


Luffy and Nami are still in prison, and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates have their own mission to finish.

Although Brook can fight with his Devil Fruit, he is still no match for the power of Big Mom. Like Brook, Big Mom also uses the Devil Fruit, and she is also a Haki user. But there is a chance that Luffy might be able to break free from prison and will arrive just in time to save him.

The mystery shooter of Reiju

There is also a chance that the next episode will reveal the mystery shooter of Reiju. To recall, someone fired at Reiju, and she was surprised when she saw the person who did it. The only possible suspect of such act is a member of Big Mom's forces.

Fans are wondering about the real intention of the shooter and if he or she really intends to kill Reiju who is already bleeding in Big Mom's castle. One Piece episode 816 will be released on Fuji TV this Sunday, Dec. 3.