“One Piece” is really living up to the hype of the remaining days of 2017. The latest chapter offered an absolutely thrilling fight between Big Mom Charlotte Linlin herself and the Straw Hat Pirates. Are they going to face extinction at the hands of a violent and hungry Yonko? Or is there another way to escape their current predicament?

Straw Hats in trouble?

Moments after landing on the Thousand Sunny, Big Mom immediately searched for the wedding cake that his first-born son Perospero promised her.

However, even after wreaking havoc and destroying a portion of the ship, Big Mom still didn’t find a single trace of the wedding cake.

Big Mom’s assault on the ship using her sword Napoleon made Jinbe defend himself using Busoshoku Haki.


Even if the Knight of the Sea managed to block the attack, the sheer force of it still threw him out of the ship. This leaves Brook, Nami, Chopper and the unconscious Carrot in the furious hands of Big Mom. However, when they were about to be attacked again, Jinbe came back and launched a strong counterattack. This nearly made her touch the water.

Brook offered to defend the ship by attacking Big Mom. When the Yonko instigated that the Soul King cannot even put a scratch on her, Brook still proceeded to attack. However, this was clearly a ruse as he launched his attack not on Big Mom but on the anthropomorphic cloud, Zeus instead. This made Zeus discharge all of the lightning he ate when he was pursuing Nami. Unfortunately, he discharged all of it on Big Mom, who was then temporarily knocked out.


Where is Luffy?

Monkey D. Luffy was not shown in the latest chapter of “One Piece.” The last we saw him was in the Mirror World fighting Katakuri, the strongest son of Big Mom. Luffy promised to defeat Katakuri and learn how to tap into his Kenbunshoku Haki the way Dogtooth uses it. If we recall, Silvers Rayleigh mentioned during his training of Luffy that the flower of Haki blossoms during extreme battles. Does it mean that Luffy will someday be able to see a glimpse of the future if he defeats the second strongest of the Big Mom Pirates?

‘One Piece’ manga ending soon?

Eiichiro Oda, the genius mind behind the success of “One Piece” manga series stated that the story will now enter the Wano Arc [VIDEO] this 2018. According to him, he had already plotted the series’ ending, and it will make the Marineford Summit War look cute. Are we going to see more character deaths just like Luffy’s sworn brother, Portgas D. Ace? Will the Straw Hat Pirates gain more followers and support their claim on the legendary treasure One Piece?