Kylie Jenner is feeling a bit insecure and tends to be a bit emotional over her baby daddy right now. Hollywood Life got an exclusive from an inside source who said, "Things between Travis and Kylie are not entirely ideal. When he is around, things are great, but when he is gone working, which is often, Kylie is sometimes left wondering where she stands with him.”

The source mentioned that 20-year-old Kylie is making an effort to stay strong and positive about her relationship with Travis Scott, but he is on the road where no doubt there are plenty of distractions and other girls available.

Travis was with the Kardashian and Jenner clan over Christmas, but according to the source, Hollywood Life reports that she can't help but feel "uneasy when he isn’t around."

Kylie Jenner uneasy about her baby-daddy being on the road

Like every pregnant woman, pregnancy can be an exhausting and emotional ride. Those hormones kick in and it can be hard to cope with unless the baby daddy is close by and supportive. Even when they are around, insecurities and worries about the baby can also haunt pregnant women. But the source did tell Hollywood Life that her entire family is there for Kylie and that's so important.

Travis and Kylie, where it all started

Cosmopolitan reminds us that rumors of Kylie's pregnancy started in September 2017 and the baby is due in February.

Travis and Kylie Jenner were first spotted together at a Coachella party in April. At the time, People reported that their relationship was not serious and their source said that Kylie was just trying to make her ex-boyfriend, Tyga, jealous “by hanging out with other guys.”

Well, for a not-serious relationship, Kylie sure is getting serious now.

Motherhood does that to you. It was back in May that Kylie posted a photo of her and Travis out and about at the 2017 Met Gala.

Travis seemed to get serious over Kylie at her 20th Birthday

By August it was no longer a secret that the two were hanging together. Travis went all out for Kylie to celebrate her 20th birthday. Cosmopolitan reported he organized "a chocolate fountain, balloons, and an ice sculpture of Kylie’s b*tt."

By September news of her pregnancy filtered out and People wrote that a source told them, "She is REALLY excited and so is Travis!”

It is exciting to be a parent and it is nice to hear that Travis is keen to be a baby daddy.

Family support is wonderful, but it's no nice for children to also have both parents around as they grow up.

What do you think about Kylie feeling insecure over Travis? Do you think it's all just hormones, or does she have something to worry about?